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Possibility Storm #11: Ixalan

Hello, puzzlers! This week's puzzle shows off something that we usually shy away from: opponent's choice. When trying to solve a puzzle, you have to walk through all your potential paths. Imagine doubling the number of possible decisions. Imagine tripling the number of paths. In a puzzle, opening up even the smallest choice quickly increases the difficulty. We had a puzzle last year with a Walking Ballista; while the puzzle isn't that complex on the surface, the addition of asking what the opponent do to disrupt you at every step causes it to get out of hand quickly.

These puzzles are free to play, but if you like to challenge yourself or others, then you can get early access over on the Possibility Storm Patreon. Each puzzle has a unique solution, but if you find a better one that our crack staff of puzzle analysts missed, you can reach us on our Facebook or on Twitter @mtgpuzzles. Good luck!

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