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Playtest: Magic Origins Clash Pack + $10 Upgrades

We all know that the Magic Origins Clash Pack is stuffed full of value containing Standard (and even Modern) staples like Collected Company, Windswept Heath and Siege Rhino, but how does it actually play? Come watch Richard and I battle it out first with the out of the box clash pack decks, then with the combined clash pack against the Dragons of Tarkir event deck, and finally with $10 of upgrades! As an added bonus, you get to see me — lifelong lover of control decks — channel my inner Craig Wescoe after realizing that various Savannah Lions are not only super cheap, but also a pretty good way to punish people playing a bunch of enter the battlefield tapped lands. So let's get to the videos, but first, just a quick reminder that if you are looking for more video content, make sure to subscribe to the Official MTGGoldfish Youtube Channel to get all the latest and greatest.

As a reminder, here are the contents of the Magic Origins Clash Pack:

ORI Clash Pack Intro

ORI Clash Pack - Armed vs Dangerous

ORI Clash Pack vs DTK Event Deck

You can find the Dragons of Tarkir Event Decklist here.

ORI Clash Pack With $10 Upgrades

Richard's Upgrades:

Seth's Upgrades:

Here's the Pro Tour deck that was the starting point for Richard's Hardened Scales deck:


The Magic Origins Clash Pack is chock full of value and is a lot of fun. With a little extra and some creativity, you can also upgrade your decks like we did for some FNM fun. If you want to go all out, I've even heard of people buying 4x Magic Origins Clash Packs so they get a complete playset of Collected Company, Windswept Heath, and Siege Rhino. Regardless, it's great value, especially if you can get it under MSRP; currently has them for $23.50

We're also running a Magic Origins Clash Pack Giveaway here on MTGGoldfish. Be sure to enter if you want to win a free clash pack! Contest ends August 24. Enter here.

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