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New Scoops Wallpapers and Playmats

We have some new Scoops art to share with you today! We've updated our social media banners, so you might find Scoops rocking new outfits around the web. They're available as playmats at, or as 1920x1080 desktop backgrounds you can download. Big shoutout to the talented PodgyPanda for bringing Scoops to life!

Scoops Selfie

No biggie, just taking a selfie with some celebrities from around the Multiverse. Purchase as Playmat ($19.99).

Scoops Selfie Wallpaper

Scoops Streaming

You can catch Scoops live every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm Eastern at as Playmat ($19.99).

Scoops Streaming Wallpaper

Fatal Scoops

This is JAAAAAAAANK~ Purchase as Playmat ($19.99).

Fatal Scoops Wallpaper


Hope you enjoyed catching up with Scoops, the Greatest Fish in the Multiverse! Once again, these are available for purchase as playmats at Thanks for your support!

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