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Mythic Championship London: Top Eight Decklists

If there was one thing we learned during day one of Mythic Championship London, it's that Modern is still Modern. There were 17 players that finished the day with a 7-1 or better record and those 17 players had 12 unique decks among them. London mulligans or not, the format is still incredibly diverse, which is a large part of why the format is popular in the community: you really can play (just about) anything in Modern and, assuming you know your deck and the format, find success. 

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Mythic Championship London is that Wizards has already posted the decks (minus specific card numbers for sideboards). All of the decks, which means we have more than 500 lists to pore over today! In fact, that's going to be the main focus of our day two wrap up. While we'll still keep you up to date on any important happenings and you'll find the top eight decks at the end of today's article, our main goal is to dig through the massive pile of Mythic Championship decks to do two things: First, find any spicy and unique decks from the event. Second, to keep an eye out for any innovations among the well-known archetypes. But first, let's take a quick peek at the day two metagame breakdown.

As a reminder, you can find all the decklists on our Mythic Championship London decklists page.

Day Two Metagame

You can find the full day two metagame breakdown here.

In general, the day two metagame from Mythic Championship London looks a lot like the day one metagame. The most popular decks are still the most popular decks, and when you consider that the limited rounds complicate matters, it's hard to say any more than that with certainty. However, it appears that Tron had a relatively bad day one. While the big-mana menace still maintained its spot atop the meta, it only converted 54.7% of its players into day two, about 9% below the average for the field. Meanwhile, Esper Control was likely the worst deck with an abysmal conversion rate of 31% (which is one of the worst percentages I've seen for a heavily-played deck for as long as I have been covering Pro Tours). Meanwhile, Hardened Scales and Whir Prison were the day one winners, both putting about 15% more players into day two than the field average.

As far as the lesser-played decks, both Sram O's and Vannifar Pod put two of two players into the second day. Perhaps more surprising, the "other" category (featuring decks with very few players) actually performed better than the field as a whole by a couple of percentage points, which further reinforces the idea that you really can win with anything in Modern if you know your deck well enough.

Top Eight Decks

The final breakdown for the top eight is: 3 Humans, 2 Tron, 1 TitanShift, 1 Affinity, 1 Izzet Phoenix.


Anyway, that's all for today! Tomorrow we'll return highlighting the spicy decks from the tournament! Until then, let your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and suggestions in the comments, and you can reach me on Twitter @SaffronOlive, or at

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