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Meme or Dream? Colossal Plow (Standard)

A few months ago, Wizards started publishing decklists from Magic Arena. To qualify for publication, a deck needs to win at least six matches in a row at platinum rank or better. This sounds simple on its face, but some incredibly janky lists end up being posted every time lists are published. This has led to speculation that a bug in the system allows decks that didn't actually win six matches in a row to be published or, for the most tin-foil-hatted crowd, the idea that Wizards just publishes whatever it wants, to make the metagame look more diverse than it really is. 

Lately, I've changed my philosophy on Meme or Dream? a little bit. For the first few months of the series, we played literally the worst-looking deck we could find in the Arena decklist dump. And while some of the decks were funny or interesting, some of them were also pretty nonfunctional, which can get old after a while. While we'll still play some really janky lists on the series, at this point, I'm also more open to playing weird but maybe somewhat functional (like having a—gasp—sideboard) decks as well. 

Today's deck would fall into the latter category: it has a full (although probably not ideal) sideboard; a reasonable curve; and even a good mixture of removal, card advantage, and threats. So, why are we playing it? Well, it's a deck built around Colossal Plow and Giant Ox! The idea is that we can use Giant Ox to crew Colossal Plow, start beating our opponent down for six, and make extra mana, which we can use to cast X-spells like Niko Aris or Starnheim Unleashed! Can the plan work? Are Colossal Plow and its best friend Giant Ox actually good in Standard? Let's find out!

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