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LIMITED EDITION PLAYMAT "Ebb and Flow" Available Now!

Welcome to the first ever Limited Edition Commander Clash Playmat! These will be available during the pre-sale window, and once they're gone, they're gone forever! Get it over at!

To celebrate 6 years of Commander Clash, we took a break from our usual style and commissioned fantasy pop artist Andrew Thompson to reinterpret Commander Clash. The result is this gorgeous fantasy rendition of Commander Clash, representing the Ebb and Flow of a game of commander!

The Playmat

Our playmat comes in three versions: the Standard version that you're all familiar with, a new Premium Stitched version, and finally, an Ultimate Fan Edition: a Premium Stitched playmat featuring foil stamped signatures of the five current Commander Clash players: SaffronOlive (Seth), BudgetCommander (Tomer), BrewersKitchen (Phil), TheAsianAvenger (Crim), and Richard!

Regular Playmat

Regular Playmat

Premium Stitched Playmat

Stitched Edge

Foil Stamped Signatures

Foil Stamped Signatures

Due to the Commander Clash Crew being spread out geographically around the world, we've come up with these foil-stamped signature reproductions to get signed playmats in your hands! They have a metallic sheen and are ultra durable so you can have no worries playing on them.

About Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson is a pop fantasy artist who has created official works for Lucasfilm, Bethesda, Sony, Reebok, Marvel, and Wizards of the Coast among others. You may have seen some of his awesome official Magic: the Gathering works floating around social media. He has yet to get his own Magic card, but we're all waiting for Wizards to commission him for the sweetest Secret Lair ever made. You can find more of his art at

Andrew Thompson Collage

Campaign Goals

Your support helps us to continue to make awesome free Magic: the Gathering content on and YouTube. More specially, we're using this campaign to help fund our trip to Magic 30 happening in Las Vegas (October 28-30). Drop by and say hi to the entire Commander Clash crew, get your playmats signed in person, and get your CLASH ON!

Pre-Order and Shipping Details

Pre-orders will be up until July 31st. After which, we will no longer be accepting any orders and this playmat design will never be printed again. After the campaign ends, we'll start producing the playmats and they are expected to ship out by August 31, 2022. Note that if you combine your pre-order playmat with existing in stock items, the whole shipment will ship out together when the playmat is ready. To avoid this, you can create two separate orders.

Pre-Order yours today at!

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