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Historic 101: Tales from Historic's Crypt

I've always been a huge fan of Zombies throughout the years and hopefully, we can make zombies happen in Historic! 

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The deck is an aggro deck that can get out of hand pretty quick if you have an early Cryptbreaker. Right now, the deck doesn't have a ton of powerful one-drops but games that start with a turn one Cryptbreaker can spiral out of control in your favor quite easily. 

We all know how good Cryptbreaker is but I wanted to try a few of the new Zombie support cards...

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The big appeal of Liliana's Devotee is the fact that it doesn't die to a simple Shock effect and if a zombie of yours dies, you can pay two mana for a 2/2 zombie to replace the slot of our fallen zombie brethren. I do however worry about the fact that the Devotee itself isn't a zombie and that could conflict with things like Gempalm Polluter and the other zombie synergistic cards. Another card I wanted to try out was Liliana's Standard Bearer. The card itself is currently sitting in the place of Midnight Reaper but I'm a fan of the card having flash while also not hurting us to draw as the life loss from Reaper has definitely factored into some matchups.

We also have a few ways to get a little bit more reach out to close out a game 

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Oh sweet Gempalm Polluter, one of my favorites when I played Zombies in standard. I was so thrilled to see this get brought into historic. The card can burn our opponents for the number of zombies that are on board... this includes our opponents so if we're lucky, we can catch a Field of the Dead player off guard and burn them out with all of their zombies included! Another way to close out the game is Liliana, Untouched by Death. Liliana's +1 gives us the damage we need while also filling up our graveyard. This card is an absolute house when our yard is loaded as we can -3 and refill our board up again! 


The deck showed a glimmer of its old form but it's still lacking too many key pieces to keep up with the best zombie deck aka Field of the Dead decks. If cards like Gravecrawler and Diregraf Colossus get added, the deck could definitely get a boost in power. The brighter side is that Amonkhet Remastered is coming out soon and that'll give us access to a ton of zombie cards like Dread Wanderer, Lord of the Accursed, and Liliana's Mastery. For right now, we'll just have to bury our undead dreams and hopefully it'll come back stronger when Amonkhet hits!

Thanks for reading and watching! See you at the next one.

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