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Historic 101: Mono Brown

There's enough colorless stuff in Historic for us to make Tron-lite or Baby 9 Post! Zendikar brought Forsaken Monument which now gives us a way to double our colorless mana while also gaining us a ton of life every time we cast a spell. This should in theory allow us to survive long enough for us to get an Ugin, the Spirit Dragon on board to sweep the board clean and take over the game! Here's the decklist for the video.

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We ideally want to hit all of our mana rocks early like Mind Stone and Guardian Idol as we want to jam a Forsaken Monument as early as possible.

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Once we've got our Forsaken Monument, we'll be able to double our mana and then the world is our oyster. We'll be able to easily cast Ugin, the Ineffable and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. I could go over how powerful the top end of our curve is but the thing that has me excited to play with is our creature lands. 

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Crawling Barrens is such a sweet card as the card can easily spiral out of control with a ton of mana at our disposal. The card dodges sweepers and sorcery speed removal thus requiring the opponent to leave up Eliminate or to throw something in front of it to chump block. It's also nice that it dodges Heartless Act so it's quite the resilient threat in historic. Of course, we also have Mobilized District. The card isn't as powerful as Crawling Barrens but it's still sweet! With Monument out, all of our colorless creatures get +2/+2 so having swoll creature lands that are hard to kill is where we want to be! Of course, we also have tons of other utility lands like Karn's Bastion or Blast Zone to match whatever the situation calls for. 

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What kind of colorless deck would this be if we didn't have Karn? With the cheap mana rocks that we have, we can easily get a turn 3 Karn on the board. Karn, Scion of Urza is a tremendous help at protecting our face as we can -2 to get a token to be on defense with. When combined with Forsaken Monument, our colorless forces will continue to build and overrun the opponents! Of course, Scion of Urza can also help us draw cards every turn so that's nice. There's also Karn, the Great Creator to give us access to our sideboard to dig for any artifact that we need in any situation. An example would be the Grafdigger's Cage in the sideboard if we're up against a Goblin deck to shut down Muxus and etc. 


The Mono Brown beatdown deck had a sweet finish but really leans on ramping early as we don't have a ton of interaction for decks that go wide. We only have Ugin, the Spirit Dragon and Blast Zone. The deck did work on stream but I think we got lucky that we didn't run into a ton of Mono Red or Goblins. Goblins still feels difficult to beat as they're packed with tons of cards like Goblin Trashmaster, Abrade, and the biggest menace of them all, Goblin Cratermaker. Outside of the go wide decks, this deck seems great against the slower decks!

Maybe I'm a Tron player at heart? Anyways, thank you for watching and supporting the content! See everyone at the next one!

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