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Historic 101: Grixis Delver

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Historic is turning into MTGA's eternal format and with every eternal format, there must be a Delver of Secrets deck. This is my attempt at a Grixis delver list. Historic got a ton of sweet new cards through MTGMID. 

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With one of the best new cantrips in the game, it slots right into a Delver list. The ability to surveil allows us to fuel our Kroxa, Dreadhorde Arcanist, Dragon's Rage Channeler & Infernal Grasp. We got tons of sweet new cheap spells plus a sweet new one-drop. The concerns around the deck will mostly be centered on whether or not our deck could keep up with Jeskai Control or Jund Sac.  We do need better graveyard hate post board and the best thing we can get that'll still abide by Lurrus' requirements is Soul-Guide Lantern. We might need to look into a second copy of Cling to Dust in the main deck.


I can't tell if I just love Siphon Insight too much or not but I feel like I would love to add that card to this deck. If you've ever enjoyed a Delver deck, this is a fun starting to point. I'm wondering if Delver and all these new spells that allow us to lose life could make Death's Shadow a player in Historic? I guess I'll have to build it and find out!

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