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Fate Reforged Spoilers and Impressions Volume #1

Chaz here again with the first volume of Fate Reforged spoilers. During these volumes, I will go over my impressions on cards in terms of their impact on constructed, as well as some financial tid-bits.

I hope everyone had a great Holiday season, but nothing comes close to the really joyous season in a Magic player's life: Spoiler Season! You can check out the latest spoilers on the Fate Reforged page.

Let's jump right in shall we?


There are few a select few cards (other than the limited cards) that I wanted to discuss. First up is Soulflayer.




Move over Cairn Wanderer, there is a new guy that robs creatures abilities in town. While at first glance this creature seems innocuous and easily written off like its predecessor, there are really some huge implications in the Standard format.

In just a small list we can create an impactful number of creatures Soulflayer can delve effectively;


$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00


That is already a powerful list of creatures in Standard. There one thing they have in common is that they have already have been in decks involving Whip of Erebos, Commune with the GodsSatyr Wayfinder (excluding the awesome Chromanticore). That strategy seems to be a shoe-in for Soulflayer. While I don't think this will totally overtake the current strategy of the deck, it certainly adds a potent new dynamic than just Whipping creatures out of the graveyard. With the simple cost of BB after the delve, this card can go "online" with the many mill effects in that deck. Without the longer process of setting up a bountiful graveyard full of targets for Whip of Erebos, one can just as easily remove cards and be on the offensive with a vanilla 4/4. This is a different line of play for these new Whip decks, and one which I think can be effective in a format of targeted removal.

It's still very early to tell exactly how all of these cards will interact. Something tells me the pieces are all there and certainly Sidisi Whip or other Whip of Erebos-based decks could include this in some number to include a different winning line of play. If not those decks, the power of Soulflayer can certainly spawn a similar archetype committed to producing a highly destructive creature. My vote goes to Chromanticore dredge.


Financial Tid-bit:



While the history of a similar card looks dismal, we have to take into account the surrounding cards during Cairn Wanderer's time. The format was just not conducive to allowing cards like this to thrive. While the ability and 4/4 body is very powerful, you're almost always paying the 5-CMC attached to Wanderer. Soulflayer comes into a Standard format that has tools readily available, as well as Delve attached to it. Similar card design, but two completely different cards. The graph shows some positive growth over quite some time despite seeing minimal play. This shows that there is an audience out there for a potentially powerful effect like this. The data is no doubt skewed because of how the Lorwyn set was structured compared to Fate Reforged, but I am certain Soulflayer will be much stronger alternative to Cairn Wanderer.

My advice on purchasing Soulflayer is keep a very sharp eye out. If this card doesn't show up as a pre-con rare, I would start sniping playsets and I would instant-buy copies under $1.00, even under 2.00 seems decent enough. With the format heavily taken up by Sidisi Whip, I would ride the hot hand.

Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury


Well, welcome back R/x Sledgehammer decks! With this card coupled with another card I will discuss below, I think we will see the resurgence of the archetype. Remember when Red mages could play cards like Hellrider, Falkenrath Aristocrat, and Thundermaw Hellkite? While Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury doesn't hold a candle to Thundermaw Hellkite, it certainly can play its roll with its Dash mechanic. Which is great in this format; if your opponent cannot destroy your 5-drop at instant speed, then you can continue to use it while avoiding sorcery speed removal. Seems to play especially well with Hordling Outburst, Goblin Rabblemaster and whatever else makes the cut. While we have to compare this to an already successful dragon in the Standard format, Stormbreath Dragon, both of them can co-exist. While Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury is legendary and doesn't have protection from white, it does technically have a way to protect itself through Dash. Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury also can close a game much like Hellrider did in previous standard formats by giving your attacking creatures those last few points of damage. I suppose it's great that they have the same CMC so they can be used in different match-ups or depending on the metagame.


Financial Tid-bit:



I think prices on this will initially be high being a Legendary Dragon. Once the pre-order madness on the new cards drop, I think this will be one that trends downward fairly quickly. Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury is a solid card, but it just won't maintain the price Stormbreath Dragon has. Stay away for a while, is my advice.

Segueing into the other piece of the R/x Sledgehammer:

Flamerush Rider


Red based decks have desperately needed a 4-CMC creature with haste. This Dash ability will be fantastic. Skipping cards like Chandra, Pyromaster maindeck and including this is where we need to be for these archetypes. There's certainly enough targets for this to warrant its spot in Sledgehammer, or any red aggressive strategy. This is one of those cards that only gets better as we continue to get new cards to the Standard pool. With so much more to be spoiled, I think we can expect good things.


$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00


Those all seem they can play well together. R/X seems poised to gain a lot from this single card. Later in the game it just gets better; play it and trigger its attack clause on even better creatures like Stormbreath Dragon or Butcher of the Horde.


Financial Tid-Bit: I think this one will fly under the radar for a while. This one has huge EDH potential, where the possibility to abuse its Dash ability vastly increases. We don't know how the promotional foils shake down yet for this set, but if there is a similar number to Khans, I think this card would be a prime candidate. Scoop up foils on these. I think we can compare this to a card like Deadeye Navigator. EDH and casual players like cards like these for their insane interactions. I think Flamerush Rider goes right up there with the rest. I really hope this is a pre-release foil; I would grab every copy in sight.

Whisperwood Elemental




This is certainly a powerful card. The middle sets are notorious for being buoyed by mythics these days. I think we have that situation upon us. Whisperwood Elemental can see play in a format where cards like Sidisi, Brood Tyrant are running the show. This Elemental is always value, especially coupled with cards like Courser of Kruphix and scry lands/fetch lands. It can be much easier to get rid of a non-impact card on the top of your deck and turn it into a 2/2. Or, you get a 2/2 with the option of turning it face up. This card is really a win-win. Again, I strongly feel that if Sidisi, Brood Tyrant can succeed and see quite a bit of play in Standard, this can as well. While it's murky where this card will fit, this has Standard implications for sure. 

Financial Tid-bit:

I honestly don't know where this one will end up. Looking at it from a financier's perspective, I think the CMC keeps me from being all-in on this card. While I'm certain it will find its way to the Standard scene, it can also be utilized in EDH decks and casual table tops. I'm guessing this will start low, then quickly rise as it's bought out at a "deal" under $15. I would stay away from this for now, not because it's a trap, but because pre-orders on mythics are always a nightmare. While we don't want to miss out on cards like Nissa, Worldwaker, I just am very hesitant and don't mind sitting on the sidelines. I'd love to hear other thoughts on this.


If I missed anything on a particular card, feel free to comment below or find me @BoltSnapBolt. I'm glad you all took the time to read this, and I'm very excited to see what else is on the way during spoiler season. Stay on the lookout for the coming volumes here on MTGGoldfish and stay at the forefront of information as these cards get spoiled. See you next time!


Thanks for reading,


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