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Collective Voyage, a D&D Adventure: Ixalan (Part 1)

Hey everyone! Welcome to a brand new series we're testing out called Collective Voyage. This is a unique series because unlike all the other content you'll find here on MTG Goldfish, this series isn't about the card game aspect of Magic: The Gathering. Instead, we'll be exploring the lore/flavor aspect of Magic: the Gathering in an indirect way by playing another game also owned by Wizards of the Coast called Dungeons & Dragons! The MTG Goldfish crew will be playing through D&D adventures set in the worlds of Magic: the Gathering

We kick things off by playing the only official D&D adventure set in the Magic universe — a one-shot set in the world of Ixalan called X Marks the Spot, which you can pick up for free over here. We are running the game online through a program called Roll20, which you can also try out for free here. Finally, all artwork used is from Magic: the Gathering, and all the battle maps used in this video were picked up from 2minutetabletop. And most importantly, if you're interested in learning more about Dungeons and Dragons, I highly recommend this video series that explains how to play the game and build your own character, and the basic rules are available for free online here!

Since this series is so different from what we usually produce, we're going to be listening to what you all have to say about it! Basically, if enough people like this concept, we'll continue doing more in the future. So let us know what you think in the comments section!


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