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Changes to Magic: the Gathering Set Releases (2018)

​Today kicks off announcement week, and up first are changes to how sets (and blocks) and structured and released. Mark Rosewater has an indepth article on the mothership explaining the reasons behind the changes, but the summary is:

  1. The Fall, Winter, and Spring Sets will all be large sets that are drafted alone (no more "blocks" or "small sets")
  2. The Summer Set will be a revamped Core Set (roughly half reprints, half new cards)
  3. A different approach to the Gatewatch (pulling back on apperances as planeswalker cards)
  4. The Masterpieces Series will revert to being in fewer sets (none in Ixalan)
  5. We're changing things behind the scenes (new R&D group "Play Design")

Magic the Gathering 2018 Release Schedule


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