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SCG Modern Open Louisville

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Format: Modern
Date: 2016-02-20

Place Deck Pilot Online Price Paper Price Toggle Deck
1st Affinity Austin Holcomb 463 tix $ 1,096 Expand
2nd U/W Eldrazi Kent Ketter 249 tix $ 623 Expand
3rd U/R Eldrazi Jacob Dyer 321 tix $ 768 Expand
4th R/G Eldrazi Alex Zurawski 297 tix $ 767 Expand
5th Kiki-Chord Jeff Hoogland 478 tix $ 924 Expand
6th Affinity Eric Flickinger 392 tix $ 1,046 Expand
7th U/W Eldrazi Andrew Tenjum 242 tix $ 606 Expand
8th Merfolk Aaron Reed 304 tix $ 670 Expand
9th Eldrazi Tron Zach Voss 161 tix $ 525 Expand
10th U/W Eldrazi Victor Logan 273 tix $ 663 Expand
11th U/W Eldrazi Brad Carpenter 284 tix $ 706 Expand
12th U/W Eldrazi Craig Bargo 284 tix $ 706 Expand
13th U/W Eldrazi Devin Koepke 237 tix $ 598 Expand
14th U/R Eldrazi Adam Cummings 344 tix $ 898 Expand
15th Colorless Eldrazi Colin Hartman 209 tix $ 741 Expand
16th Affinity Chirayu Patel 392 tix $ 1,042 Expand
17th U/W Eldrazi Gerry Thompson 276 tix $ 623 Expand
18th Bant Eldrazi John Pellman 249 tix $ 597 Expand
19th Bant Eldrazi Floyd Combs 325 tix $ 640 Expand
20th U/W Eldrazi John Penick 276 tix $ 623 Expand
21st Jund Dylan Jones 1,014 tix $ 2,161 Expand
22nd U/W Eldrazi Peter Tragos 244 tix $ 614 Expand
23rd Scapeshift James Wager 288 tix $ 566 Expand
24th Blue Moon Benjamin Nikolich 585 tix $ 1,307 Expand
25th Affinity Tyler Winn 394 tix $ 1,047 Expand
26th R/G Eldrazi Ernie Pitts 280 tix $ 720 Expand
27th Skred Red Gabriel Hatcher 193 tix $ 373 Expand
28th U/W Control David Mcnamara 412 tix $ 701 Expand
29th U/W Eldrazi Jacob Baugh 239 tix $ 602 Expand
30th Bant Eldrazi Taylor Kaiser 277 tix $ 656 Expand
31st U/W Eldrazi Lucas Kiefer 242 tix $ 606 Expand
32nd Affinity Cody Beamish 415 tix $ 1,015 Expand

Video Coverage (MTGCoverage)

Round Match Video
Round #1 Sam Black (Lantern Control) vs Michael Belfatto (Affinity)
Round #1 Mike Growse (Merfolk) vs Kevin Jones (UW Eldrazi)
Round #2 Michael Majors (Merfolk) vs John Pellman (Bant Eldrazi)
Round #2 Korey McDuffie (G/B Eldrazi) vs Sean Fancher (Temur Aggro)
Round #3 Robert Wright (UW Eldrazi) vs Jennifer Long (Merfolk)
Round #4 Christopher Spurlock (Burn) vs Jeff Hoogland (Kiki Chord)
Round #4 Emma Handy (Abzan Company) vs Dalton Ozmun (Abzan Company)
Round #5 Gerry Thompson (UW Eldrazi) vs Jacob Baugh (UW Eldrazi)
Round #5 Jeremy Zimmer (Colorless Eldrazi) vs Jeff Hoogland (Kiki Chord)
Round #6 Trey Van Cleave (8-Rack) vs Caleb Scherer (Affinity)
Round #6 Ali Aintrazi (GB Tron) vs Peter Tragos (UW Eldrazi)
Round #7 Eric Hawkins (Abzan Company) vs Tyler Winn (Affinity)
Round #7 Gerry Thompson (UW Eldrazi) vs Devin Koepke (UW Eldrazi)
Round #8 Devin Koepke (UW Eldrazi) vs Lucas Kiefer (UW Eldrazi)
Round #9 Joe Lossett (G/W Tron) vs Brad Brown (Abzan)
Round #10 Gerry Thompson (UW Eldrazi) vs Jeff Hoogland (Kiki Chord)
Round #10 Peter Tragos (UW Eldrazi) vs Devin Koepke (UW Eldrazi)
Round #11 Zach Voss (Eldrazi Tron) vs Adam Cummings (UR Eldrazi)
Round #12 Austin Holcomb (Affinity) vs Jeff Hoogland (Kiki Chord)
Round #13 Craig Bargo (UW Eldrazi) vs Kent Ketter (UW Eldrazi)
Round #13 Colin Hartman (Colorless Eldrazi) vs Brad Carpenter (UW Eldrazi)
Round #14 Colin Hartman (Colorless Eldrazi) vs Andrew Tenjum (UW Eldrazi)
Round #15 Brad Carpenter (UW Eldrazi) vs Aaron Reed (Merfolk)
Round #15 Adam Cummings (UR Eldrazi) vs Alex Zurawski (RG Eldrazi)
Quarter-Finals Jeff Hoogland (Kiki Chord) vs Alex Zurawski (RG Eldrazi)
Semi-Finals Kent Ketter (UW Eldrazi) vs Alex Zurawski (RG Eldrazi)
Semi-Finals Jacob Dyer (UR Eldrazi) vs Austin Holcomb (Affinity)
Finals Kent Ketter (UW Eldrazi) vs Austin Holcomb (Affinity)
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