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Gilt-Leaf Ambush
lrw Lorwyn

$ 0.25
0.02 tix
Gilt-Leaf Ambush Gilt-Leaf Ambush [LRW]
$ 0.25
0.02 tix
Gilt-Leaf Ambush
lrw Lorwyn

Gilt-Leaf Ambush

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Tribal Instant — Elf

Create two 1/1 green Elf Warrior creature tokens. Clash with an opponent. If you win, those creatures gain deathtouch until end of turn. (Each clashing player reveals the top card of their library, then puts that card on the top or bottom. A player wins if their card had a higher converted mana cost. Any amount of damage a creature with deathtouch deals to a creature is enough to destroy it.)

#214 Illustrated by Steve Prescott
Standard Not Legal
Historic Not Legal
Pioneer Not Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander Legal
Pauper Legal
Brawl Not Legal
Commander 1v1 Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal

Decks Using Gilt-Leaf Ambush

7 Elves
Penny Dreadful
Penny Dreadful $ 159
2 Lathril, Blade of the Elves
Commander $ 586
1 Ezuri, Renegade Leader
Commander $ 456
1 Fynn, the Fangbearer
Commander $ 935
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