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Delver of Secrets
ISD Innistrad

Delver of Secrets Insectile Aberration

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Recent Decks Using Delver of Secrets

17 Izzet Delver pauper ur 89.98
16 Mono Blue Delver pauper u 81.32
13 Izzet Wizards modern ur 294.68
13 Death’s Shadow legacy ub 676.77
12 Grixis Delver legacy ubr 771.46
9 Blue-Black Delver pauper ub 134.35
8 RUG Delver legacy urg 650.36
6 Izzet Blitz pauper ur 41.69
5 Stoneblade legacy wur 824.17
4 Grixis Delver vintage ubr 508.75

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