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Fate Will Find a Way (Bant Nexus, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Aug 12 // by mtggoldfish

Is ramping better than fogging when it comes to Nexus of Fate in Standard?

stream highlights

Dragon Tales (Five-Color Dragons, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Aug 05 // by mtggoldfish

How does Five-Color Dragons hold up on Magic Arena?

stream highlights

Sai (Paradox Reservoir, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Jul 29 // by mtggoldfish

Can some new M19 additions make Paradox Engine work in Standard?

stream highlights

Meek Stone (Mentor Monument, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Jul 22 // by mtggoldfish

Is Oketra's Monument due for a Standard comeback thanks to Mentor of the Meek?

stream highlights

50 Shades of Gray (Non-Budget Obliterator Devotion, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Jul 15 // by mtggoldfish

How does Obliterator Devotion work without the budget restriction?

stream highlights

Mulligan Madness (Narset Combo, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Jul 01 // by mtggoldfish

How quickly can you win with Narset, Enlightened Master? Let's find out!

stream highlights

Karn on the Moon (Silver Moon, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Jun 17 // by mtggoldfish

Can Karn make a new, artifact heavy version of Mono-Red Prison in Modern?

stream highlights

Turn You (Sundering Jeskai, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Jun 10 // by SaffronOlive

How many turns can we take with the combo of Karn and his Temporal Sundering? Check out the stream highlights!

stream highlights

Not That Storm (Possibility Storm, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Jun 03 // by SaffronOlive

Is Possibility Storm the right way to cheat Emrakul into play in Modern? Check out the stream highlight!

stream highlights

Under Karnstruction (Construct Tribal, Standard) – Stream Highlights

May 27 // by SaffronOlive

Can Construct Tribal, backed by Karn, Scion of Urza, compete in Dominaria Standard?

stream highlights

Feline Ferocity (Four-Color Copy Cat, Modern) – Stream Highlights

May 20 // by SaffronOlive

How does the former best combo in Standard work in Modern? Check out the stream highlight!

stream highlights

Does This Go Infinite Somehow?!? (UW Teshar, Standard) – Stream Highlights

May 13 // by SaffronOlive

We're pretty sure our deck can go infinite, but can we figure out how?

stream highlights

Blast Off (Raff Flash, Standard) – Stream Highlights

May 06 // by SaffronOlive

Can we blast our opponent into ruin at instant speed with the help of Raff Capashen? Check out the stream highlight!

stream highlights

No Grapeshot, No Problem (Cheerios, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Apr 29 // by SaffronOlive

How often can we win on turn two with Grapshot, and what happens if we accidentally sideboard it out?

stream highlights

Hoof, There It Is (Kiora Devotion, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Apr 22 // by SaffronOlive

Is Kiora, Master of the Depths the secret to making a green devotion deck work in Modern? Check out the stream highlights!

stream highlights

FoF 'em Out (Arcane Unesh, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Apr 15 // by SaffronOlive

Can the combo of Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign and Arcane Adaptation actually compete in Standard?

stream highlights

All Glory To The Hypnotoad (Frog Town, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Apr 08 // by SaffronOlive

Can Heartless Summoning finally make The Gitrog Monster playable in Modern? Check out the stream highlights!

stream highlights

Ooze Brews (Necrotic Evolution, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Apr 01 // by SaffronOlive

Can Necrotic Ooze revolutionize a Griselbrand reanimator deck in Modern?

stream highlights

Trading Down (Bant Trade Binder, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Mar 25 // by SaffronOlive

Does a seemingly random pile of Bant cards have what it takes to compete in Modern? Check out the stream highlights!

stream highlights

I'm A Wheel (Uw Taking Turns, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Mar 18 // by SaffronOlive

What deck does the Jace, the Mind Sculptor unbanning benefit most and why is it Taking Turns?

stream highlights

Making It Rain (Bloodbraid Ponza, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Mar 11 // by SaffronOlive

What does the Bloodbraid Elf unbanning do for the land destruction heavy GR Ponza in Modern? Check out the stream highlights!

stream highlights

They're Always After Me (Lucky Charms, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Mar 04 // by SaffronOlive

How many Charms it too many with Bloodbraid Elf in Modern? Check out the stream highlight.

stream highlights

Unbanned (Temur Moon, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Feb 25 // by SaffronOlive

Can the unbanning of Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf make Temur the new best wedge in Modern?

stream highlights

Free Four/Four Fun (RB Hollow One, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Feb 18 // by SaffronOlive

How many Hollow Ones can we play on turn one? Check out the stream highlights!

stream highlights

Doing the Rite Thing (Abzan Rites, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Feb 11 // by SaffronOlive

How will a non-budget version of Abzan Rites hold up in a competitive league? Check out the stream highlights!

stream highlights

Panfish (Merfolkish Sulti Panharmonicon, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Feb 04 // by SaffronOlive

Are some Merfolk the best way to abuse Panharmonicon in Rivals of Ixalan Standard? Check out the stream highlights!

stream highlights

Huat in Here (Bant Huatli, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Jan 28 // by SaffronOlive

Does Huatli, Radiant Champion have what it takes to revitalize tokens in Rivals of Ixalan Standard? Check out the stream highlights!

stream highlights

Ghalta and Friends (Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease) – Stream Highlights

Jan 21 // by SaffronOlive

How does Rivals of Ixalan play out in sealed? Let's find out!

stream highlights

A PHD from LSV University (Vintage Cube with Tomer) – Stream Highlights

Jan 14 // by SaffronOlive

Tomer recently received his PDH in Vintage Cube by watching eight LSV videos. But will his degree pay of in the real world?

stream highlights

Bridge over Troubled Walkers (RB Planeswalkers, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Jan 07 // by SaffronOlive

Is adding some black creatures and planeswalkers the right way to abuse Blood Moon and Ensnaring Bridge?

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