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On High Alert (Ravnica Allegiance Prerelease Sealed) – Stream Highlights

Jan 27 // by mtggoldfish

How does Ravnica Allegiance play in sealed? Let's find out!

stream highlights

Total Obliteration (Black-White Devotion, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Jan 20 // by mtggoldfish

Can a white splash make Mono-Black Devotion competitive in Modern?

stream highlights

Dinosaur Rock (Golgari Planeswalkers, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Jan 06 // by mtggoldfish

What if Standard Golgari goes big with planeswalkers rather than the more common explore midrange plan? Let's discuss!

stream highlights

Please Bear With Us (Esper Hatebears, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Dec 30 // by mtggoldfish

Can a hatebear style deck work in Standard with the help of Militia Bugler as a card advantage engine?

stream highlights

A Touch of Madness (Ultimate Masters Draft, Magic Online) – Stream Highlights

Dec 23 // by mtggoldfish

Can Ultimate Masters carry on the strong limited tradition of past Masters sets?

stream highlights

One Token Over the Line (Selesnya Visitation, Standard, Magic Arena) – Stream Highlights

Dec 16 // by mtggoldfish

How effective is the plan of upgrading little 1/1 tokens into 4/4 Serra Angels? Let's find out!

stream highlights

Attack of the Clones (Temur QuasidupliFrenzy, Standard, Magic Arena) – Stream Highlights

Dec 09 // by mtggoldfish

Quasiduplicate and Experimental Frenzy, together at last!

stream highlights

Chompin' and Scratchin' (Tooth and Nail, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Dec 02 // by mtggoldfish

How quickly can we cast Tooth and Nail in Modern?

stream highlights

No Man's Land (Izzet Land Destruction, Standard, Arena) – Stream Highlights

Nov 25 // by mtggoldfish

Is it possible to get a flawless victory in Standard?

stream highlights

Ramp On, Ramp Off (Naya Ramp, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Nov 18 // by mtggoldfish

How good is Zacama, Primal Calamity in Guilds of Ravnica Standard?

stream highlights

Face Wurms (Cremator Evolution, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Nov 11 // by mtggoldfish

Is throwing Impervious Greatwurm at the opponent's face a legit plan in Modern?

stream highlights

Imagine Dragons (in Modern, Magic Online) – Stream Highlights

Nov 04 // by mtggoldfish

We know that Dragons are good in Standard, but can they make the jump to Modern?

stream highlights

Pathfinder (Abzan Explore, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Oct 28 // by mtggoldfish

Is it finally time for Path of Discovery to shine in Standard?

stream highlights

The Dance of the Dragons (Grixis Dragons, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Oct 21 // by mtggoldfish

Just how good are Dragons in Standard?

stream highlights

Dubbed (Abzan Knights, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Oct 14 // by mtggoldfish

Does Knight tribal have a chance in Standard thanks to some Guilds of Ravnica additions?

stream highlights

Enter the Arena (#Sponsored MTG Arena Guilds of Ravnica Preview Stream, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Oct 07 // by mtggoldfish

In celebration of the MTG Arena open beta we take a cruise though GRN Standard!

stream highlights

The Dark Side (Mono-Blue Tron, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Sep 30 // by mtggoldfish

Tron is miserable to play against, but how is it to play?

stream highlights

Of Scullers and Stranglers (Esper Flash, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Sep 23 // by mtggoldfish

Is getting tricky with creatures the right way to build Esper in Modern?

stream highlights

Good Tithings (Sorin Pox, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Sep 16 // by mtggoldfish

How many times can we Mana Tithe our opponents?

stream highlights

Another Brick (Combo Walls, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Sep 09 // by mtggoldfish

Is Phenax and Staff of Domination the right support to make Arcades playable in Modern?

stream highlights

Tutorific (Kiki-Jiki and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Sep 02 // by mtggoldfish

How many tutors is too many tutors?

stream highlights

Caw, Caw, Caw (Caw Blade, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Aug 26 // by mtggoldfish

Can Caw Blade port over to Modern?

stream highlights

Off to See the Wizard (UR Wizards, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Aug 19 // by mtggoldfish

How does a non-budget Wizard deck function in Modern?

stream highlights

Fate Will Find a Way (Bant Nexus, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Aug 12 // by mtggoldfish

Is ramping better than fogging when it comes to Nexus of Fate in Standard?

stream highlights

Dragon Tales (Five-Color Dragons, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Aug 05 // by mtggoldfish

How does Five-Color Dragons hold up on Magic Arena?

stream highlights

Sai (Paradox Reservoir, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Jul 29 // by mtggoldfish

Can some new M19 additions make Paradox Engine work in Standard?

stream highlights

Meek Stone (Mentor Monument, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Jul 22 // by mtggoldfish

Is Oketra's Monument due for a Standard comeback thanks to Mentor of the Meek?

stream highlights

50 Shades of Gray (Non-Budget Obliterator Devotion, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Jul 15 // by mtggoldfish

How does Obliterator Devotion work without the budget restriction?

stream highlights

Mulligan Madness (Narset Combo, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Jul 01 // by mtggoldfish

How quickly can you win with Narset, Enlightened Master? Let's find out!

stream highlights

Karn on the Moon (Silver Moon, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Jun 17 // by mtggoldfish

Can Karn make a new, artifact heavy version of Mono-Red Prison in Modern?

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