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deep tracks

Deep Tracks: Selesnya

Oct 04 // by John Messner

Selesnya combines the power of law and the purity of nature. We're scanning Old School 93/94, Worlds 2005, and Standard for the secrets of this Guild of Ravnica!

deep tracks

Deep Tracks: Urza Tron

Sep 19 // by John Messner

Deep Tracks returns with Mudslide Combo, Hoogland's Legacy Tron, Pauper Intimations, and a Q&A with Modern Tron master Anneliese Faustino!


Pauper Spellbook: Rancor

Sep 05 // by John Messner

Did we really print that at Common rarity!? Indeed. Rancor is an exceptionally powerful Magic card in the realm of Pauper. Let's explore!


Pauper Spellbook: Lightning Bolt

Aug 22 // by John Messner

Lightning Bolt is one of the most iconic and powerful Magic cards of all time. But how does this classic Burn spell fair in the realm of Pauper? Let's explore!


Pauper Spellbook: Prophetic Prism

Aug 15 // by John Messner

There's mana to be fixed, cards to be drawn, and Atogs to be fed in this edition of Pauper Spellbook!


Pauper Spellbook: Chainer's Edict

Aug 08 // by John Messner

Chainer's Edict is a quintessential piece of any black mages' Pauper arsenal. Let's open the spellbook and review some applications!


Pauper Spellbook: Ghostly Flicker

Aug 01 // by John Messner

It's time to open the Pauper Spellbook and unlock the power of Ghostly Flicker. Let's go!

deep tracks

Deep Tracks: Vaevictis Asmadi

Jul 25 // by John Messner

Our exploration of the five Elder Dragons from Core Set 2019 concludes this week with Vaevictis and a recap of the entire Dragon hoard!

deep tracks

Deep Tracks: Palladia-Mors

Jul 18 // by John Messner

Incinerating objects comes naturally to Elder Dragons. Palladia-Mors just happens to be really good at it! Let's go!

deep tracks

Deep Tracks: Nicol Bolas

Jul 11 // by John Messner

Old School Reanimator, Grixis Training Grounds, and the most powerful Elder Dragon in the multiverse... let's take a deeper look!

deep tracks

Deep Tracks: Chromium

Jul 03 // by John Messner

Our quest to unlock the five Elder Dragons from Core Set 2019 continues this week on Deep Tracks. Let's go!

deep tracks

Deep Tracks: Arcades

Jun 27 // by John Messner

Core Set 2019 is upon us and the five Elder Dragons from Legends will soon return! Let's take a closer look, starting with Arcades!

deep tracks

Deep Tracks: Skyship Weatherlight

Jun 21 // by John Messner

Jhoira and her Weatherlight crew are soaring high above Dominaria, but the skyship has a much deeper past. Let's take a closer look!

deep tracks

Deep Tracks: Vesuvan Doppelganger

Jun 13 // by John Messner

Who is Zak Dolan? And what the heck is U/W Pickles!? We're investigating the art of Shapeshifting in this edition of Deep Tracks!

deep tracks

Deep Tracks: Rock Hydra

Jun 06 // by John Messner

Alpha, Battlebond, Richard Garfield, Old School 93/94, Magic 2017 Worlds, and Hydras galore in this edition of Deep Tracks!

deep tracks

Deep Tracks: Darigaaz

May 30 // by John Messner

Darigaaz has returned to lead us into battle on the plane of Dominaria! Things are heating up as we head to Legacy, Modern, and Standard!

deep tracks

Deep Tracks: Leviathan

May 23 // by John Messner

From The Dark to Dominaria, ancient Leviathans have stirred the waters! Can we unleash the power of these deep sea monstrosities?

deep tracks

Deep Tracks: Nantuko Shade ~ Dread Shade

May 15 // by John Messner

Nantuko Shade dominated Magic in 2002. Now that Dread Shade has emerged, will we see a resurgence of Mono Black archetypes?


Deep Tracks: Night Soil

May 08 // by John Messner

There's Fungus Among Us! We're talking Fallen Empires, Dominaria, and Utopia Mycon in Modern in this edition of Deep Tracks!


Deep Tracks: Atog

May 01 // by John Messner

Can a classic like Atog be the centerpiece of a competitive Modern deck? How about No Banned List Modern?? Let's discuss!


Deep Tracks: Nefarious Lich ~ Lich's Mastery

Apr 24 // by John Messner

Lich's Mastery is nigh, and we're going to expose its dark past by traveling back to Odyssey block!