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2016, Competitive Magic Coverage, and You

Dec 16 // by Blackout28

Brad takes a look at the 2016 SCG and Grand Prix schedule, and how it will change the way we watch Magic moving forward.


Standard Focus: Cards I Want to be Playing This Weekend

Oct 14 // by Blackout28

With Pro Tour Weekend fast approaching, Brad looks at some of the cards poised to break out in Standard.


Interesting Lists from the SCG Invitational Weekend

Apr 03 // by Blackout28

Brad takes a look at the results from the SCG Invitational in search of new decks.


Beating GW Devotion

Mar 11 // by Blackout28

Brad takes a look at the GW devotion deck that is sweeping through standard, and looks at possible avenues in beating it.


A Lesson Learned and SCG Regional Results

Feb 13 // by Blackout28

Brad examines an error in his testing and analyzes the SCG Regional results.


Temur Ascendancy and other Standard Breakouts

Jan 27 // by Blackout28

Brad Theisen analyzes the breakout Fate Reforged cards including the new Temur Ascendancy Combo deck.


A Standard Reforged: BW Warriors and Ugin Devotion

Jan 18 // by Blackout28

Brad Theisen looks at the different ways Fate Reforged could change Standard


A Metagame for Christmas

Dec 24 // by Blackout28

Brad Theisen takes a look at the current Standard Metagame.


Crash and Burn at SCG Minneapolis

Oct 31 // by Blackout28

Brad Theisen heads to Minneapolis to do battle with Jeskai Aggro.


Tournament Report - Jeskai Tempo, SCG States Wisconsin - 2nd Place

Oct 15 // by Blackout28

Blackout28 talks about 2nd Place finish at SCG States in Wisconsin

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