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Dropping the Beat with Modern R&B

Sep 05 // by Drake Builta

Check out a revisited and tuned RB Midrange decklist for Modern.


The Love Bellow: A Standard Combo Deck

Jul 14 // by Drake Builta

Want to make the most of the new Origins cards? Take a look at this toolbox-style combo deck.


Modern UB Control

Jun 26 // by Drake Builta

Now that there are several all-in combo decks running amok in Modern, a reactive draw-go strategy might be the best place to be.


An Alternative Take on Punishing Cheaters

Jun 03 // by Drake Builta

Why do people hate cheating and what can be done to mend all its ill effects? Drake explores these questions in a new way.


Modern Hulk Flash

Apr 24 // by Drake Builta

Check out a competitive Modern combo deck that made waves at States.


Slowly, But Surely: the Long Term Finances of Your MTGO Deck

Apr 16 // by Drake Builta

Is your new Magic Online deck really worth the cost? Figure out just how long it will take to earn back your value.


Oh, the Places You'll Burn: A Red Mage's Guide to Dragons of Tarkir

Apr 08 // by Drake Builta

Drake looks at the new options Dragons of Tarkir gives aggressive red strategies and talks about where they fit in a post-DTK metagame.

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