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Possibility Storm #1: Ixalan Preview Puzzle

Today I'm super excited to welcome a new series onto the site: Possibility Storm! If you're not familiar with the series, Possibility Storm is a sweet puzzle series, with the idea being you're put into a Magic scenario and have to figure out a way to win the game before letting your opponent untap! The video starts with the puzzle itself, and then after giving you a chance to pause and come up with your solution, we'll return to give you the answer! We're planning on having a new puzzle every other week on Tuesday nights. Anyway, here's a quick word from the Possibility Storm crew and then we'll get to the puzzle!

Hello Magic Puzzlers! While we have lots of great puzzles online, today's puzzle is the first puzzle to use new cards from Ixalan. These puzzles are free to play, and if you like to challenge yourself or others, then you can get early access over here. Each puzzle has a unique solution, but if you find a better one that our crack staff of puzzle analysts missed, you can reach us on Facebook, on Twitter @mtgpuzzles, or in the comments.

This puzzle has Hostage Taker which has a Day 0 errata stating that it can not target itself. Other than that, this is a fun little Uncommon puzzle (Rares and Mythics are usually more difficult depending on your play style). We will be sharing puzzles almost every week, so Good Luck!

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