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Jumpstart: Top 10 Commander Cards

Core Set 2021 is here! The full spoiler is out, and the cards will be released in digital form on Magic Arena and Magic Online this week. As such, it's time to discuss which cards from the set will make waves in various constructed formats. Today, we have a bit of a twist: after talking about the best Commander cards from Core Set 2021 proper a few days ago, Tomer and Seth are back to break down their top 10 cards from Jumpstart, which isn't technically part of Core Set 2021, even though it is related and shares a lot of the same cards. However, the focus today is on new cards that are featured in Jumpstart but not in Core Set 2021 itself, which include a ton of sweet new legends, a great budget land cycle, and more. Which Jumpstart cards are most exciting for Commander? Watch the video and find out, and then after the video, make sure to let us know in the comments which Core Set 2021 cards you're most hyped to play in Commander!

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Jumpstart: Top 10 Commander Cards


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