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Historic 101: Jund Em Out 2022

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The last time I did a Jund historic video, a lot of people liked it so I kind of wanted to modify that list and see how it did with a few new tools added.

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Rahilda is exactly the type of card we want as it's a cheap threat with first strike that can snowball very quickly as it will always hit a spell off your opponent's library. If it flips over to its backside, then we're drawing two cards a turn! On top of that, it perfectly lines up with Lurrus' companion ability so we're able to reoccur it.

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With the popularity of Witch's Oven and Trail of Crumbs style of decks again, Witherbloom Command has the ability to blow up either one for cheap while also getting us a land or maybe even killing a creature along the way, so this card is amazing right now. 


I think something I could lean heavier into would be a little bit more graveyard removal. A card like Scavenging Ooze would really help us deal with the problematic graveyard decks a lot easier. It's also pretty funny how hard Blightbeetle bodies the lifegain decks so I think I'm going to leave it in the sideboard. Otherwise, I think the deck has a lot of play and does a good job of doing the classic one-for-one play style that we all know Jund for. Is it the best deck? Definitely not, but it is a fun midrange deck that allowed me to jam Chevill, Bane of Monsters.

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