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Getting Started on Magic Online for $20

Magic Online has been getting a bad rap in the community lately. However, the truth is while it is far from perfect, it is perfectly acceptable 99% of the time. If you love Magic the Gathering, you'll love Magic Online. I know the task of building an online collection is daunting, so I put together a complete guide for getting started on Magic Online for under $20. If you are sufficiently skilled, with the initial $20 you can play for free and earn tickets towards more cards. In the video, we'll walk through all the steps needed to get started with MTGO.

  • Introducing Magic Online
  • Creating a Magic Online Account
  • Designing a Budget Deck
  • Purchasing cards in Magic Online and building the deck
  • Playing a Daily Event (4 rounds of swiss)
  • Selling our prize packs using Bots

Video Tutorial

Full Daily Event



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