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Fish Five-0: We Solved Explorer!

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Well, if you guessed Grixis Midrange was the deck, then okay.... you got it! Grixis Midrange is currently the hotness in standard and I'm a firm believer it gets even better in Explorer/Pioneer! We've got so many grindy value cards and powerful discard spells in Thoughtseize and multiple Nicol Bolas! But we've also gotten a ton of new tools thanks to #MTGBRO

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Thanks to some new cards, the Grixis Midrange deck feels like its equipped with powerful new answers and has a Teferi that doesn't require us to play Azorius! I think Brotherhood's End being able to hit Planeswalkers and having an alternative mode to shut down Artifacts MV three or less is huge as Sacrifice is a big thing in Explorer. The new Teferi, may not do what Hero of Dominaria does but that's okay because we get to play a powerful five drop that can make a vigilant token that can get out of hand pretty fast. 


The deck probably could fit some amount of Sheoldred, the Apocalypse but I still can't drop Kalitas, and Bolas is just too sweet. I think there are enough things in Pioneer/Explorer to give Grixis an Advantage over Rakdos Mid and I'll continue to tune the list on stream until something happens!

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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