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Against the Odds: Flumph Combo (Modern)

This morning I woke up, started digging through the most recent Modern league results from Magic Online and almost spit out my coffee when I came across a deck by AnnndWhammy that was built around my old nemesis Flumph. If you follow the MTGGoldfish stream you might remember that right after Flumph released in Adventures in the Forgotten Realm there was a stream where I promised I would keep going until I won a game with Flumph. 28 matches and many, many hours later we finally achieved that victory. Basically, it's common knowledge that Flumph is a really horrible card that often benefits your opponent as much as it benefits you. 

But it seems like things might be changing for the mightiest Jellyfish in Magic thanks to Orcish Bowmasters. It turns out that if you can make Flumph indestructible you can play an Orcish Bowmasters and ping [[Flump]h] which will make both players draw a card. This will trigger Bowmasters again which will ping Flumph again and so on and so for. The end result of the combo is that both players will be forced to draw their entire deck. Why would we want to mill both players out? Because we have the super sneaky tech of playing 63 cards so our opponent will end up drawing an an empty library first and lose the game! Is Flumph a broken Modern piece rather than the ultimate Dungeon and Dragon's meme? Let's find out on today's Against the Odds!

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Against the Odds: Flumph Combo

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Anyway, that's all for today. Sorry there isn't more of an article, I record and edited everything just this morning and wanted to get it live as soon as possible while everyone has Flumph on their mind. Overall we went 3-3 with the deck including a 2-3 record in a league. In general the deck felt solid, although other Orcish Bowmasters decks are tricky matchups since an opposing Bowmasters fizzles our combo and can generate a lot of random value by pinging our Flumph. Come to think of it, we went 3-1 against non-Bowmasters decks but 0-2 against Bowmasters decks. Either way, the deck was surprisingly consistent and powerful. While it looks incredibly janky, it actually plays pretty well. While Flumph is definitely still a meme, it turns out that it might also be a broken Modern combo piece. What a world...

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