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$100 Standard Deck: Temur Aggro


With Temur flying quietly under the radar while the prices skyrocket on Jeskai and Abzan, why not grab the cards from this deck that are still affordable and put a budget build together instead? Here's a base Temur deck to work with:


To heck with tempo, let's transform this into Temur Aggro, where a Budget Build is only $100!

Knowing that our support spells are fairly inexpensive, we can keep the muscle of this deck, the Polukranos, World Eater and Savage Knuckleblade. I can't believe Savage Knuckleblade is still only $3.00, he's the apotheosis of versatile value! I'm glad to have snatched up my playset before Temur takes off and the price of Savage Knuckleblade skyrockets.

So, since we've changed from tempo to aggro, we can drop the Courser of Kruphix and Sylvan Caryatid, but we're still going to rely mostly on Elvish Mystic for mana ramp, and we'll add some Heir of the Wilds.  I hope you still have your full art one from gameday! Heir of the Wilds is great because it deters would be aggressors, and then gets beefed up later when our other big creatures drop.  You'd surprised how scared an entire early game army can be of a little old Heir of the Wilds on the ground.

What about Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker and Stormbreath Dragon?  I've referred to Stormbreath Dragon as a budget alternative to Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker before, but in Temur Aggro we're going to go budget on both and run the Ashcloud Phoenix instead. If you fall in love with this deck then you can upgrade with 1-2 Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker or Stormbreath Dragon, but you'll want them in addition to the Ashcloud PhoenixAshcloud Phoenix is so wonderfully more affordable at $6.00, and it does a really great job of creating a problem that won't go away.

One more aggro addition that I'm going to make is also wonderfully still budget: a full playset of Boon Satyr.  You'll have the mana to bestow this well before turn five, and putting it on just about anything, especially our firebird, makes for a big problems for our opponents.  The surprise flash-in can work as great surprise blocking and removal as well.  Best of all, they're $1.00 each.


Void Snare [M15] Stubborn Denial [KTK] Disdainful Stroke [KTK]


While it isn't typically an aggro card, I just can't get rid of Void Snare.  It is such a great spell in this deck, letting our opponents cast anything from a creature to a planeswalker, only for us to bounce it back during our turn and then counter it.  Between Stubborn Denial and Disdainful Stroke we should be able to waste a few of their turns while our forces thrash them.  Delightful.

We've saved just enough in our $100 budget to afford a couple pain lands.  I found the Yavimaya Coast to work a bit better than Shivan Reef, but you might decide to go the opposite route. Either way, we use our life gain lands instead of scrys, and while the mana base is far from ideal, it beats the price tag that the pros have to spend.

For the sideboard, we can't afford Kiora, the Crashing Wave or Stormbreath Dragon, so I'm going to go with something very unconventional, but I also think is a hidden gem. It's another underrated phoenix we have access to, one that is a budget brewer's dream: the Flame-Wreathed Phoenix of Theros. This lovely firebird is a $1.00 mythic, and its tribute is a conundrum for your opponent. If your opponent pays the tribute you end up with a 5/5 flying for four mana, and if they don't pay it and leave it at 3/3, then it gains haste and will return to our hand if it dies.  I feel like this is a highly underrated card, playsets can be found for as little as $4.00-$5.00, and it's something that goes great with the tempo of this deck.

So while Temur tempo is all the rage for those with big bank accounts, why not find out how a bit more brute force can do wonders for your wallet, with a $100 budget build such as Temur aggro.

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