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Sygg's Saboteurs by TheGsC

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$ 686.31
139.64 tix
9 Mythic, 35 Rare, 22 Uncommon, 23 Common

Format: Commander
User Submitted Deck
Deck Date: Oct 25, 2020

1 Sygg, River Cutthroat $ 1.15
Creatures (25)
1 Changeling Outcast $ 0.25
1 Merfolk Windrobber $ 0.25
1 Slither Blade $ 0.25
1 Thieves' Guild Enforcer $ 3.69
1 Triton Shorestalker $ 0.25
1 Baleful Strix $ 2.45
1 Dimir Infiltrator $ 0.31
1 Glint-Sleeve Siphoner $ 0.46
1 Inkfathom Infiltrator $ 7.00
1 Invisible Stalker $ 0.29
1 Looter il-Kor $ 0.91
1 Oona's Blackguard $ 0.35
1 Soaring Thought-Thief $ 0.30
1 Thieving Skydiver $ 3.13
1 Sea-Dasher Octopus $ 1.34
1 Thada Adel, Acquisitor $ 10.04
1 Thassa, God of the Sea $ 11.80
1 True-Name Nemesis $ 9.37
1 Anowon, the Ruin Thief
1 Glen Elendra Liege $ 5.24
1 Notion Thief $ 0.70
1 Rankle, Master of Pranks $ 11.94
1 Whirler Rogue $ 0.25
1 Keeper of Keys $ 5.99
1 Zareth San, the Trickster $ 1.22
Planeswalkers (1)
1 Ashiok, Dream Render $ 1.58
Spells (24)
1 Brainstorm $ 0.48
1 Gitaxian Probe $ 1.40
1 Opt $ 0.19
1 Ponder $ 2.00
1 Preordain $ 3.00
1 Serum Visions $ 1.95
1 Sleight of Hand $ 1.00
1 Spell Pierce $ 0.27
1 Thought Scour $ 0.40
1 Unearth $ 0.25
1 Chart a Course $ 0.35
1 Counterspell $ 1.31
1 Countersquall $ 0.68
1 Drown in the Loch $ 3.50
1 Feed the Swarm $ 0.65
1 Go for the Throat $ 1.30
1 Memory Lapse $ 0.19
1 Negate $ 0.19
1 Disallow $ 5.00
1 Undermine $ 1.31
1 Clutch of the Undercity $ 0.36
1 Cryptic Command $ 18.97
1 Notorious Throng $ 0.99
1 Treasure Cruise $ 0.31
Artifacts (14)
1 Bloodforged Battle-Axe $ 9.59
1 Sol Ring $ 2.75
1 Wayfarer's Bauble $ 3.04
1 Arcane Signet $ 3.51
1 Cloak and Dagger $ 3.92
1 Dimir Signet $ 1.25
1 Mindcrank $ 3.09
1 Smuggler's Copter $ 2.35
1 Talisman of Dominance $ 4.87
1 Umezawa's Jitte $ 14.50
1 Sword of Fire and Ice $ 43.12
1 Sword of Light and Shadow $ 20.48
1 Sword of Sinew and Steel $ 10.31
1 Sword of War and Peace $ 12.56
Enchantments (2)
1 Bloodchief Ascension $ 20.43
1 Bitterblossom $ 35.69
Lands (33)
1 Bloodstained Mire $ 27.98
1 Bojuka Bog $ 1.40
1 Castle Locthwain $ 3.76
1 Command Tower $ 0.66
1 Creeping Tar Pit $ 3.22
1 Darkslick Shores $ 9.03
1 Drowned Catacomb $ 5.69
1 Faerie Conclave $ 0.50
1 Fetid Pools $ 3.41
1 Flooded Strand $ 22.50
7 Island $ 0.00
1 Leechridden Swamp $ 0.48
1 Marsh Flats $ 38.24
1 Misty Rainforest $ 74.05
1 Mystic Sanctuary $ 0.96
1 Polluted Delta $ 29.01
1 Rogue's Passage $ 0.35
1 Scalding Tarn $ 64.99
1 Sunken Hollow $ 1.50
1 Sunken Ruins $ 8.07
4 Swamp $ 0.00
1 Underground River $ 6.60
1 Verdant Catacombs $ 56.02
1 Watery Grave $ 9.87
100 Cards Total
1 Sygg, River Cutthroat 0.26 tix
Creatures (25)
1 Changeling Outcast 0.02 tix
1 Merfolk Windrobber 0.01 tix
1 Slither Blade 0.03 tix
1 Thieves' Guild Enforcer 2.43 tix
1 Triton Shorestalker 0.03 tix
1 Baleful Strix 0.52 tix
1 Dimir Infiltrator 0.02 tix
1 Glint-Sleeve Siphoner 0.03 tix
1 Inkfathom Infiltrator 0.02 tix
1 Invisible Stalker 0.02 tix
1 Looter il-Kor 0.02 tix
1 Oona's Blackguard 0.03 tix
1 Soaring Thought-Thief 0.01 tix
1 Thieving Skydiver 0.02 tix
1 Sea-Dasher Octopus 0.05 tix
1 Thada Adel, Acquisitor 0.01 tix
1 Thassa, God of the Sea 0.22 tix
1 True-Name Nemesis 2.19 tix
1 Anowon, the Ruin Thief 3.88 tix
1 Glen Elendra Liege 0.01 tix
1 Notion Thief 0.17 tix
1 Rankle, Master of Pranks 4.87 tix
1 Whirler Rogue 0.02 tix
1 Keeper of Keys 1.82 tix
1 Zareth San, the Trickster 0.02 tix
Planeswalkers (1)
1 Ashiok, Dream Render 0.15 tix
Spells (24)
1 Brainstorm 0.02 tix
1 Gitaxian Probe 0.07 tix
1 Opt 0.02 tix
1 Ponder 0.05 tix
1 Preordain 0.56 tix
1 Serum Visions 0.17 tix
1 Sleight of Hand 0.03 tix
1 Spell Pierce 0.03 tix
1 Thought Scour 0.03 tix
1 Unearth 0.07 tix
1 Chart a Course 0.03 tix
1 Counterspell 0.06 tix
1 Countersquall 0.02 tix
1 Drown in the Loch 0.06 tix
1 Feed the Swarm 0.01 tix
1 Go for the Throat 0.03 tix
1 Memory Lapse 0.05 tix
1 Negate 0.01 tix
1 Disallow 0.03 tix
1 Undermine 0.59 tix
1 Clutch of the Undercity 0.02 tix
1 Cryptic Command 3.32 tix
1 Notorious Throng 0.02 tix
1 Treasure Cruise 0.02 tix
Artifacts (14)
1 Bloodforged Battle-Axe 9.72 tix
1 Sol Ring 8.97 tix
1 Wayfarer's Bauble 0.03 tix
1 Arcane Signet 8.20 tix
1 Cloak and Dagger 0.02 tix
1 Dimir Signet 0.02 tix
1 Mindcrank 0.03 tix
1 Smuggler's Copter 0.12 tix
1 Talisman of Dominance 0.28 tix
1 Umezawa's Jitte 0.15 tix
1 Sword of Fire and Ice 1.71 tix
1 Sword of Light and Shadow 0.37 tix
1 Sword of Sinew and Steel 1.03 tix
1 Sword of War and Peace 0.40 tix
Enchantments (2)
1 Bloodchief Ascension 0.03 tix
1 Bitterblossom 1.43 tix
Lands (33)
1 Bloodstained Mire 8.55 tix
1 Bojuka Bog 0.82 tix
1 Castle Locthwain 3.65 tix
1 Command Tower 1.32 tix
1 Creeping Tar Pit 0.33 tix
1 Darkslick Shores 1.59 tix
1 Drowned Catacomb 0.02 tix
1 Faerie Conclave 0.04 tix
1 Fetid Pools 0.20 tix
1 Flooded Strand 6.66 tix
7 Island 0.00 tix
1 Leechridden Swamp 0.03 tix
1 Marsh Flats 4.64 tix
1 Misty Rainforest 16.20 tix
1 Mystic Sanctuary 0.03 tix
1 Polluted Delta 9.64 tix
1 Rogue's Passage 0.02 tix
1 Scalding Tarn 15.65 tix
1 Sunken Hollow 0.11 tix
1 Sunken Ruins 1.07 tix
4 Swamp 0.00 tix
1 Underground River 0.15 tix
1 Verdant Catacombs 13.54 tix
1 Watery Grave 0.67 tix
100 Cards Total
1 Sygg, River Cutthroat 1 Rare
Creatures (25)
1 Changeling Outcast 1 Comm.
1 Merfolk Windrobber 1 Unc.
1 Slither Blade 1 Comm.
1 Thieves' Guild Enforcer 1 Rare
1 Triton Shorestalker 1 Comm.
1 Baleful Strix 1 Rare
1 Dimir Infiltrator 1 Comm.
1 Glint-Sleeve Siphoner 1 Rare
1 Inkfathom Infiltrator 1 Unc.
1 Invisible Stalker 1 Unc.
1 Looter il-Kor 1 Comm.
1 Oona's Blackguard 1 Unc.
1 Soaring Thought-Thief 1 Unc.
1 Thieving Skydiver 1 Rare
1 Sea-Dasher Octopus 1 Rare
1 Thada Adel, Acquisitor 1 Rare
1 Thassa, God of the Sea 1 Mythic
1 True-Name Nemesis 1 Rare
1 Anowon, the Ruin Thief 1 Mythic
1 Glen Elendra Liege 1 Rare
1 Notion Thief 1 Rare
1 Rankle, Master of Pranks 1 Mythic
1 Whirler Rogue 1 Unc.
1 Keeper of Keys 1 Rare
1 Zareth San, the Trickster 1 Rare
Planeswalkers (1)
1 Ashiok, Dream Render 1 Unc.
Spells (24)
1 Brainstorm 1 Comm.
1 Gitaxian Probe 1 Comm.
1 Opt 1 Comm.
1 Ponder 1 Comm.
1 Preordain 1 Comm.
1 Serum Visions 1 Unc.
1 Sleight of Hand 1 Unc.
1 Spell Pierce 1 Comm.
1 Thought Scour 1 Comm.
1 Unearth 1 Comm.
1 Chart a Course 1 Unc.
1 Counterspell 1 Comm.
1 Countersquall 1 Unc.
1 Drown in the Loch 1 Unc.
1 Feed the Swarm 1 Comm.
1 Go for the Throat 1 Unc.
1 Memory Lapse 1 Comm.
1 Negate 1 Comm.
1 Disallow 1 Rare
1 Undermine 1 Rare
1 Clutch of the Undercity 1 Unc.
1 Cryptic Command 1 Rare
1 Notorious Throng 1 Rare
1 Treasure Cruise 1 Comm.
Artifacts (14)
1 Bloodforged Battle-Axe 1 Rare
1 Sol Ring 1 Unc.
1 Wayfarer's Bauble 1 Comm.
1 Arcane Signet 1 Comm.
1 Cloak and Dagger 1 Unc.
1 Dimir Signet 1 Unc.
1 Mindcrank 1 Unc.
1 Smuggler's Copter 1 Rare
1 Talisman of Dominance 1 Unc.
1 Umezawa's Jitte 1 Mythic
1 Sword of Fire and Ice 1 Mythic
1 Sword of Light and Shadow 1 Mythic
1 Sword of Sinew and Steel 1 Mythic
1 Sword of War and Peace 1 Mythic
Enchantments (2)
1 Bloodchief Ascension 1 Rare
1 Bitterblossom 1 Rare
Lands (33)
1 Bloodstained Mire 1 Rare
1 Bojuka Bog 1 Comm.
1 Castle Locthwain 1 Rare
1 Command Tower 1 Comm.
1 Creeping Tar Pit 1 Rare
1 Darkslick Shores 1 Rare
1 Drowned Catacomb 1 Rare
1 Faerie Conclave 1 Unc.
1 Fetid Pools 1 Rare
1 Flooded Strand 1 Rare
7 Island
1 Leechridden Swamp 1 Unc.
1 Marsh Flats 1 Mythic
1 Misty Rainforest 1 Rare
1 Mystic Sanctuary 1 Comm.
1 Polluted Delta 1 Rare
1 Rogue's Passage 1 Unc.
1 Scalding Tarn 1 Rare
1 Sunken Hollow 1 Rare
1 Sunken Ruins 1 Rare
4 Swamp
1 Underground River 1 Rare
1 Verdant Catacombs 1 Rare
1 Watery Grave 1 Rare
100 Cards Total

Calculating the deck price based on your collection ...

Calculating the deck price based on your collection ...

Calculating the deck price based on your collection ...

Card Breakdown

Below are the most popular cards played in this deck:


Sygg, River Cutthroat Sygg, River Cutthroat [ZNC]
Notion Thief Notion Thief [ZNC]
Ghostly Pilferer Ghostly Pilferer [M21]
Thieving Skydiver Thieving Skydiver [ZNR]
Loyal Subordinate Loyal Subordinate [C18]
Slither Blade Slither Blade [ZNC]
Triton Shorestalker Triton Shorestalker [ZNC]
Faerie Vandal Faerie Vandal [ZNC]
Frogtosser Banneret Frogtosser Banneret [ZNC]
Invisible Stalker Invisible Stalker [ZNC]
Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive [DOM]
Brazen Borrower Brazen Borrower [ELD]
Chasm Skulker Chasm Skulker [MB1]
Shadowmage Infiltrator Shadowmage Infiltrator [A25]
Baleful Strix Baleful Strix [2XM]
Dark Confidant Dark Confidant [2XM]
Inkfathom Witch Inkfathom Witch [SHM]
Oona's Blackguard Oona's Blackguard [ZNC]
Thassa's Oracle Thassa's Oracle [THB]
Deathcult Rogue Deathcult Rogue [GTC]
Marang River Prowler Marang River Prowler [ZNC]
Neurok Commando Neurok Commando [MBS]
Scroll Thief Scroll Thief [M13]
Soot Imp Soot Imp [EVE]
True-Name Nemesis True-Name Nemesis [C13]
Stinkdrinker Bandit Stinkdrinker Bandit [ZNC]
Zareth San, the Trickster Zareth San, the Trickster [ZNR]
Changeling Outcast Changeling Outcast [MH1]
Thieves' Guild Enforcer Thieves' Guild Enforcer [M21]
Dimir Infiltrator Dimir Infiltrator [RAV]
Gilded Drake Gilded Drake [UZ]
Glint-Sleeve Siphoner Glint-Sleeve Siphoner [AER]
Looter il-Kor Looter il-Kor [TSP]
Mindblade Render Mindblade Render [BBD]
Nightveil Sprite Nightveil Sprite [ZNC]
Phantasmal Image Phantasmal Image [M12]
Snapcaster Mage Snapcaster Mage [ISD]
Soaring Thought-Thief Soaring Thought-Thief [ZNR]
Auntie's Snitch Auntie's Snitch [MMA]
Dimir Cutpurse Dimir Cutpurse [DDH]
Laboratory Maniac Laboratory Maniac [UMA]
Latch Seeker Latch Seeker [AVR]
Nadir Kraken Nadir Kraken [THB]
Sea-Dasher Octopus Sea-Dasher Octopus [IKO] (F)
Spellseeker Spellseeker [BBD]
Thada Adel, Acquisitor Thada Adel, Acquisitor [WWK]
Anowon, the Ruin Thief Anowon, the Ruin Thief [ZNC]
Duskmantle Seer Duskmantle Seer [CN2]
Gonti, Lord of Luxury Gonti, Lord of Luxury [ZNC]
Oneirophage Oneirophage [JMP]
Rankle, Master of Pranks Rankle, Master of Pranks [PPELD]
Soulsworn Spirit Soulsworn Spirit [RTR]
Thassa's Emissary Thassa's Emissary [THS]
Whirler Rogue Whirler Rogue [C18]
Broodbirth Viper Broodbirth Viper [C15]
Earwig Squad Earwig Squad [MMA]
Fallen Shinobi Fallen Shinobi [MH1]
Psychosis Crawler Psychosis Crawler [C20]
Deepfathom Skulker Deepfathom Skulker [OGW]
Scourge of Fleets Scourge of Fleets [ZNC]
Silent-Blade Oni Silent-Blade Oni [C18]
Tomoya the Revealer Tomoya the Revealer [CHK]
Merfolk Windrobber Merfolk Windrobber [ZNR]
Mist-Cloaked Herald Mist-Cloaked Herald [RIX]
Tormented Soul Tormented Soul [M13]
Duskmantle Guildmage Duskmantle Guildmage [GTC]
Hada Spy Patrol Hada Spy Patrol [CMA]
Hedron Crawler Hedron Crawler [OGW]
Inkfathom Infiltrator Inkfathom Infiltrator [SHM]
Leaden Myr Leaden Myr [MRD]
Metallic Mimic Metallic Mimic [AER]
Sea Gate Stormcaller Sea Gate Stormcaller [ZNR]
Silver Myr Silver Myr [MRD]
Wall of Tears Wall of Tears [ST]
Wharf Infiltrator Wharf Infiltrator [EMN]
Audacious Thief Audacious Thief [M20]
Burnished Hart Burnished Hart [THS]
Jhessian Thief Jhessian Thief [IMA]
Kefnet the Mindful Kefnet the Mindful [AKH]
Mist-Syndicate Naga Mist-Syndicate Naga [MH1]
Murderous Rider Murderous Rider [ELD]
Nighthawk Scavenger Nighthawk Scavenger [ZNR]
Nimble Obstructionist Nimble Obstructionist [C20]
Ophiomancer Ophiomancer [C13]
Palladium Myr Palladium Myr [M21]
Stealer of Secrets Stealer of Secrets [W17]
Tandem Lookout Tandem Lookout [MM3]
Thassa, God of the Sea Thassa, God of the Sea [THS]
Tomebound Lich Tomebound Lich [M20]
Whisper Agent Whisper Agent [GRN]
Archaeomancer Archaeomancer [M13]
Glen Elendra Liege Glen Elendra Liege [SHM]
Latchkey Faerie Latchkey Faerie [ZNC]
Ninja of the Deep Hours Ninja of the Deep Hours [MB1]
Phyrexian Metamorph Phyrexian Metamorph [2XM]
Phyrexian Obliterator Phyrexian Obliterator [A25]
Skinrender Skinrender [SOM]
Ghastlord of Fugue Ghastlord of Fugue [SHM]
Keeper of Keys Keeper of Keys [CN2]
Mnemonic Wall Mnemonic Wall [THS]
The Scarab God The Scarab God [2XM]
Consecrated Sphinx Consecrated Sphinx [MBS]
Agent of Treachery Agent of Treachery [M20]
Sepulchral Primordial Sepulchral Primordial [ZNC]


Ashiok, Dream Render Ashiok, Dream Render [WAR]
Narset, Parter of Veils Narset, Parter of Veils [WAR]
Jace, Wielder of Mysteries Jace, Wielder of Mysteries [WAR]
Ashiok, Nightmare Muse Ashiok, Nightmare Muse [THB]


Countersquall Countersquall [UMA]
Brainstorm Brainstorm [2XM]
Preordain Preordain [M11]
Drown in the Loch Drown in the Loch [ELD]
Ponder Ponder [M10]
Counterspell Counterspell [6ED]
Cyclonic Rift Cyclonic Rift [2XM]
Negate Negate [AER]
Fierce Guardianship Fierce Guardianship [C20]
Undermine Undermine [DDH]
Dark Ritual Dark Ritual [MI]
Swan Song Swan Song [THS]
Vampiric Tutor Vampiric Tutor [CMR]
Demonic Tutor Demonic Tutor [MB1]
Narset's Reversal Narset's Reversal [WAR]
Clutch of the Undercity Clutch of the Undercity [RAV]
Deadly Rollick Deadly Rollick [C20]
Fact or Fiction Fact or Fiction [ZNC]
Notorious Throng Notorious Throng [ZNC]
Force of Will Force of Will [2XM]
Pact of Negation Pact of Negation [A25]
Demonic Consultation Demonic Consultation [ICE]
Gitaxian Probe Gitaxian Probe [NPH]
Mental Misstep Mental Misstep [NPH]
Miscast Miscast [M21]
Mystical Tutor Mystical Tutor [MI]
Pongify Pongify [2XM]
Delay Delay [FMB1] (F)
Doom Blade Doom Blade [E02]
Feed the Swarm Feed the Swarm [ZNR]
Lim-Dul's Vault Lim-Dul's Vault [ALL]
Mana Drain Mana Drain [IMA]
Sign in Blood Sign in Blood [CMD]
Tainted Pact Tainted Pact [OD]
Force of Negation Force of Negation [MH1]
Timetwister Timetwister [2ED]
Toxic Deluge Toxic Deluge [2XM]
Windfall Windfall [C20]
Call of the Nightwing Call of the Nightwing [GTC]
Morsel Theft Morsel Theft [MOR]
Treasure Cruise Treasure Cruise [KTK]
Slaughter Pact Slaughter Pact [MMA]
Chain of Vapor Chain of Vapor [ONS]
Dispel Dispel [BFZ]
Flusterstorm Flusterstorm [IMA]
Imperial Seal Imperial Seal [PRM-JUD] (F)
Opt Opt [M21]
Sleight of Hand Sleight of Hand [UMA]
Spell Pierce Spell Pierce [XLN]
Thought Scour Thought Scour [IMA]
Arcane Denial Arcane Denial <A> [ALL]
Chart a Course Chart a Course [JMP]
Go for the Throat Go for the Throat [C17]
Profane Command Profane Command [C20]
Reality Shift Reality Shift [C19]
Disallow Disallow [AER]
Praetor's Grasp Praetor's Grasp [NPH]
Read the Bones Read the Bones [THS]
Yawgmoth's Will Yawgmoth's Will [UZ]
Damnation Damnation [MM3]
Diabolic Tutor Diabolic Tutor [M10]
Ad Nauseam Ad Nauseam [2XM]
Shadow Slice Shadow Slice [GTC]
Undercity Plague Undercity Plague [GTC]
Knowledge Exploitation Knowledge Exploitation [MOR]
Disrupt Disrupt [WL]
Fatal Push Fatal Push [2XM]
Minds Aglow Minds Aglow [C16]
Rapid Hybridization Rapid Hybridization [GTC]
Serum Visions Serum Visions [CN2]
Slip Through Space Slip Through Space [OGW]
Unearth Unearth [MH1]
Anticipate Anticipate [BFZ]
Anticognition Anticognition [ZNR]
Cast Down Cast Down [2XM]
Everdream Everdream [MH1]
Finale of Revelation Finale of Revelation [WAR]
Hands of Binding Hands of Binding [GTC]
Impulse Impulse [MB1]
Maddening Cacophony Maddening Cacophony [ZNR]
Mana Leak Mana Leak [M11]
Memory Lapse Memory Lapse <B> [HML]
Mission Briefing Mission Briefing [PPTHB]
Muddle the Mixture Muddle the Mixture [RAV]
Night's Whisper Night's Whisper [MB1]
Radical Idea Radical Idea [GRN]
Shadow of Doubt Shadow of Doubt [RAV]
Tale's End Tale's End [M20]
Telling Time Telling Time [GK1]
Thassa's Intervention Thassa's Intervention [THB]
Tolarian Winds Tolarian Winds [7E]
Trickbind Trickbind [TSP]
Victim of Night Victim of Night [ISD]
Cackling Counterpart Cackling Counterpart [ISD]
Call to Mind Call to Mind [M11]
Didn't Say Please Didn't Say Please [ELD]
Frantic Search Frantic Search [C20]
Hideous End Hideous End [DDR]
Mnemonic Betrayal Mnemonic Betrayal [GRN]
Murder Murder [M20]
Perplex Perplex [RAV]
Pieces of the Puzzle Pieces of the Puzzle [SOI]
Relearn Relearn [6ED]
Soul Shatter Soul Shatter [ZNR]
Thirst for Knowledge Thirst for Knowledge [2XM]
Aetherize Aetherize [ZNC]
Ancient Excavation Ancient Excavation [C16]
Bond of Insight Bond of Insight [WAR]
Cryptic Command Cryptic Command [MMA]
Distant Melody Distant Melody [ZNC]
Drawn from Dreams Drawn from Dreams [M20]
Eat to Extinction Eat to Extinction [THB]
Hieroglyphic Illumination Hieroglyphic Illumination [MB1]
Memory Plunder Memory Plunder [C17]
Price of Fame Price of Fame [ZNC]
Pull from the Deep Pull from the Deep [JOU]
Whelming Wave Whelming Wave [MB1]
Aether Gale Aether Gale [C18]
Extract from Darkness Extract from Darkness [ZNC]
Misdirection Misdirection [MB1]
Murderous Cut Murderous Cut [KTK]
Nightmare Unmaking Nightmare Unmaking [C19]
Promise of Power Promise of Power [C14]
Silumgar's Command Silumgar's Command [ZNC]
Temporal Manipulation Temporal Manipulation [UMA]
Time Warp Time Warp [E02]
Command the Dreadhorde Command the Dreadhorde [WAR]
Flood of Tears Flood of Tears [M20]
Rise from the Tides Rise from the Tides [GN2]
River's Rebuke River's Rebuke [XLN]
Spelltwine Spelltwine [C17]
Supplant Form Supplant Form [FRF]
Kindred Dominance Kindred Dominance [C17]
Decree of Pain Decree of Pain [C17]
In Garruk's Wake In Garruk's Wake [ZNC]


Sol Ring Sol Ring [ZNC]
Arcane Signet Arcane Signet [ZNC]
Dimir Signet Dimir Signet [ZNC]
Talisman of Dominance Talisman of Dominance [MRD]
Cloak and Dagger Cloak and Dagger [MOR]
Mind Stone Mind Stone [ZNC]
Mox Amber Mox Amber [DOM]
Fellwar Stone Fellwar Stone [5ED]
Mask of Riddles Mask of Riddles [ARB]
Prismatic Lens Prismatic Lens [EMA]
Chrome Mox Chrome Mox [2XM]
Mana Crypt Mana Crypt [MB1]
Mox Diamond Mox Diamond [ST]
Cursed Totem Cursed Totem [MI]
Mindcrank Mindcrank [IMA]
Thought Vessel Thought Vessel [MB1]
Commander's Sphere Commander's Sphere [ZNC]
Darksteel Ingot Darksteel Ingot [M14]
Dimir Keyrune Dimir Keyrune [ZNC]
Dimir Locket Dimir Locket [GRN]
Mana Vault Mana Vault [4ED]
Sensei's Divining Top Sensei's Divining Top [CHK]
Wayfarer's Bauble Wayfarer's Bauble [DDI]
Smuggler's Copter Smuggler's Copter [KLD]
Sphere of the Suns Sphere of the Suns [MBS]
Swiftfoot Boots Swiftfoot Boots [C13]
Bontu's Monument Bontu's Monument [AKH]
Manalith Manalith [HOU]
Sword of Fire and Ice Sword of Fire and Ice [2XM]
Sword of Sinew and Steel Sword of Sinew and Steel [MH1]
Whispersilk Cloak Whispersilk Cloak [DDE]
Worn Powerstone Worn Powerstone [C17]
Isolation Cell Isolation Cell [NPH]
Everflowing Chalice Everflowing Chalice [2XM]
Lotus Petal Lotus Petal [TE]
Bloodforged Battle-Axe Bloodforged Battle-Axe [C17]
Guardian Idol Guardian Idol [JMP]
Lightning Greaves Lightning Greaves [2XM]
Nim Deathmantle Nim Deathmantle [SOM]
Umezawa's Jitte Umezawa's Jitte [V16] (F)
Dimir Cluestone Dimir Cluestone [DGM]
Fireshrieker Fireshrieker [CNS]
Quietus Spike Quietus Spike [PCA]
Sword of Body and Mind Sword of Body and Mind [2XM]
Sword of Feast and Famine Sword of Feast and Famine [2XM]
Sword of Light and Shadow Sword of Light and Shadow [2XM]
Sword of War and Peace Sword of War and Peace [2XM]
Hedron Archive Hedron Archive [C19]
Helm of the Host Helm of the Host [DOM]
Dreamstone Hedron Dreamstone Hedron [C17]


Torment of Scarabs Torment of Scarabs [HOU]
Bloodchief Ascension Bloodchief Ascension [ZEN]
Mystic Remora Mystic Remora [ICE]
Revenge of Ravens Revenge of Ravens [ELD]
Trespasser's Curse Trespasser's Curse [AKH]
Hissing Miasma Hissing Miasma [GPT]
Necropotence Necropotence [5ED]
Rhystic Study Rhystic Study [PR]
Bident of Thassa Bident of Thassa [THS]
Bitterblossom Bitterblossom [MOR]
Military Intelligence Military Intelligence [M15]
Ominous Seas Ominous Seas [IKO]
Curse of Disturbance Curse of Disturbance [C17]
Curse of Inertia Curse of Inertia [C13]
Curse of Shallow Graves Curse of Shallow Graves [C13]
Curse of Verbosity Curse of Verbosity [C17]
Verity Circle Verity Circle [RNA]
Reconnaissance Mission Reconnaissance Mission [IKO]
Curse of Misfortunes Curse of Misfortunes [DKA]
Palace Siege Palace Siege [FRF]
Curse of Fool's Wisdom Curse of Fool's Wisdom [C19]
Cruel Reality Cruel Reality [AKH]
Price of Knowledge Price of Knowledge [C13]
Kaya's Ghostform Kaya's Ghostform [WAR]
Confounding Conundrum Confounding Conundrum [ZNR]
Skeletal Grimace Skeletal Grimace [ISD]
Spreading Seas Spreading Seas [ZEN]
Propaganda Propaganda [C20]
Psychic Corrosion Psychic Corrosion [M19]
Sphinx's Tutelage Sphinx's Tutelage [MB1]
Trail of Evidence Trail of Evidence [SOI]
Vile Consumption Vile Consumption [IN]
Words of Waste Words of Waste [ONS]
Breathstealer's Crypt Breathstealer's Crypt [VI]
Coastal Piracy Coastal Piracy [MM]
Jace's Sanctum Jace's Sanctum [C19]
Leyline of Anticipation Leyline of Anticipation [M20]
Marchesa's Decree Marchesa's Decree [CN2]
Pestilence Pestilence [4ED]
Painful Quandary Painful Quandary [SOM]
Swarm Intelligence Swarm Intelligence [C20]


Island Island <251> [THB]
Swamp Swamp <252> [THB]
Command Tower Command Tower [ZNC]
Watery Grave Watery Grave [GRN]
Polluted Delta Polluted Delta [KTK]
Underground River Underground River [7E]
Bojuka Bog Bojuka Bog [C20]
Drowned Catacomb Drowned Catacomb [M11]
Morphic Pool Morphic Pool [ZNE]
Sunken Ruins Sunken Ruins [2XM]
Ancient Tomb Ancient Tomb [ZNE]
Bloodstained Mire Bloodstained Mire [KTK]
Flooded Strand Flooded Strand [KTK]
Marsh Flats Marsh Flats [ZNE]
Misty Rainforest Misty Rainforest [MM3]
Rogue's Passage Rogue's Passage [ZNC]
Scalding Tarn Scalding Tarn [SLU]
Verdant Catacombs Verdant Catacombs [ZEN]
City of Brass City of Brass [5ED]
Creeping Tar Pit Creeping Tar Pit [UMA]
Darkslick Shores Darkslick Shores [SOM]
Dimir Aqueduct Dimir Aqueduct [ZNC]
Leechridden Swamp Leechridden Swamp [DDR]
Mana Confluence Mana Confluence [JOU]
Reflecting Pool Reflecting Pool [CNS]
Reliquary Tower Reliquary Tower [C19]
Sunken Hollow Sunken Hollow [C19]
Temple of Deceit Temple of Deceit [PPTHB]
Underground Sea Underground Sea [3ED]
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth [M15]
Castle Locthwain Castle Locthwain [ELD]
Cephalid Coliseum Cephalid Coliseum [OD]
Evolving Wilds Evolving Wilds [AKH]
Exotic Orchard Exotic Orchard [C20]
Fetid Pools Fetid Pools [AKH]
Jwar Isle Refuge Jwar Isle Refuge [ZNC]
Myriad Landscape Myriad Landscape [ZNC]
Mystic Sanctuary Mystic Sanctuary [ELD]
Prismatic Vista Prismatic Vista [MH1]
River of Tears River of Tears [IMA]
Shizo, Death's Storehouse Shizo, Death's Storehouse [FMB1] (F)
Snow-Covered Island Snow-Covered Island [MH1]
Castle Vantress Castle Vantress [ELD]
Cavern of Souls Cavern of Souls [AVR]
Choked Estuary Choked Estuary [SOI]
Darkwater Catacombs Darkwater Catacombs [C20]
Fabled Passage Fabled Passage [M21]
Faerie Conclave Faerie Conclave [MB1]
Forbidden Orchard Forbidden Orchard [C16]
Gemstone Caverns Gemstone Caverns [TSP]
Path of Ancestry Path of Ancestry [C17]
Snow-Covered Swamp Snow-Covered Swamp [MH1]
Tainted Isle Tainted Isle [TOR]
Tarnished Citadel Tarnished Citadel [OD]
Unclaimed Territory Unclaimed Territory [MB1]

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