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SCG Standard Open Baltimore

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Format: Standard
Date: 2016-07-31

Place Deck Pilot Online Price Paper Price Toggle Deck
1st G/W Tokens Osyp Lebedowicz 255 tix $ 358 Expand
2nd Bant Company Zachary Plott 211 tix $ 336 Expand
3rd Bant Company Ethan Phelps 211 tix $ 340 Expand
4th Bant Company Chris Anderson 202 tix $ 319 Expand
5th G/U Crush Cory Dissinger 161 tix $ 220 Expand
6th Abzan Control Zack Kanner 337 tix $ 442 Expand
7th Bant Company Matt Tumavitch 219 tix $ 352 Expand
8th B/W Angel Control Evan Buchholz 242 tix $ 353 Expand
9th Bant Company Kevin Jones 222 tix $ 326 Expand
10th W/R Humans Mark Gabriele 43 tix $ 105 Expand
11th B/W Angel Control Rudy Briksza 221 tix $ 345 Expand
12th Sultai Control Ali Aintrazi 341 tix $ 455 Expand
13th Bant Company Kent Ketter 199 tix $ 308 Expand
14th Grixis Control Drew Brantner 197 tix $ 281 Expand
15th Bant Company Ross Merriam 170 tix $ 261 Expand
16th Bant Company Nicholas Fiorentino 217 tix $ 338 Expand
17th Bant Company Chris Siletzky 200 tix $ 315 Expand
18th Esper Starfield Michael Lehman 55 tix $ 118 Expand
19th G/W Tokens Dan Cook 237 tix $ 351 Expand
20th Bant Company Devin Koepke 185 tix $ 305 Expand
21st Bant Spirits Ted Felicetti 143 tix $ 303 Expand
22nd Big White Dan Jessup 187 tix $ 297 Expand
23rd Bant Company Riley Kimminau 200 tix $ 313 Expand
24th Bant Company Myles Housman 200 tix $ 315 Expand
25th W/R Humans Jonathan Blank 78 tix $ 142 Expand
26th Bant Company Todd Scott 189 tix $ 306 Expand
27th Bant Company Jeff Folinus 197 tix $ 306 Expand
28th U/W Spirits Robert Gross 108 tix $ 233 Expand
29th B/W Control Andrew Davis 306 tix $ 426 Expand
30th Bant Company Andrew Berke 200 tix $ 315 Expand
31st Bant Company Collins Mullen 214 tix $ 336 Expand
32nd Bant Company Jim Davis 195 tix $ 287 Expand

Video Coverage (MTGCoverage)

Round Match Video
Round #1 Osyp Lebedowicz (Green-White Tokens) vs David Wiggs (W/R Humans)
Round #2 Devin Koepke (Bant Company) vs Corey Ramsey (B/W Control)
Round #3 Todd Steven (G/B Delirium) vs Josh Lewis (UW Humans)
Round #4 Robert Wright (G/B Delirium) vs Kevin Jones (Bant Company)
Round #5 Thomas Ashton (Bant Company) vs Cory Dissinger (G/U Crush)
Round #5 Dorian Finn (G/W Aggro) vs Rudy Briksza (B/W Control)
Round #6 Ali Aintrazi (Sultai Control) vs Caleb Scherer (Bant Company)
Round #7 Rudy Briksza (B/W Control) vs Harlan Firer (Bant Company)
Round #7 Drew Brantner (Grixis Control) vs Jessy Hefner (Bant Company)
Round #8 Rudy Briksza (B/W Control) vs Cory Dissinger (G/U Crush)
Round #9 Chris Andersen (Bant Company) vs Ross Merriam (Bant Company)
Round #10 Kellen Pastore (G/B Delirium) vs Joshua Cho (G/W Aggro)
Round #11 Chris Andersen (Bant Company) vs Robert Gross (UW Spirits)
Round #11 Michael Lehman (Esper Starfield) vs Ali Aintrazi (Sultai Control)
Round #12 Andrew Berke (Bant Company) vs Cory Dissinger (G/U Crush)
Round #13 Rudy Briksza (B/W Control) vs Osyp Lebedowicz (Green-White Tokens)
Round #14 Robert Gross (UW Spirits) vs Zachary Kanner (Abzan Control)
Round #15 Matt Tumavitch (Bant Company) vs Dan Jessup (Mono-White Eldrazi)
Quarter-Finals Cory Dissinger (G/U Crush) vs Chris Andersen (Bant Company)
Quarter-Finals Ethan Phelps (Bant Company) vs Evan Buchholz (B/W Control)
Semi-Finals Osyp Lebedowicz (Green-White Tokens) vs Chris Andersen (Bant Company)
Finals Osyp Lebedowicz (Green-White Tokens) vs Zachary Plott (Bant Company)
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