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SCG Modern Open Cincinnati

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Format: Modern
Date: 2015-09-05

Place Deck Pilot Online Price Paper Price Toggle Deck
1st Infect Todd Anderson 383 tix $ 699 Expand
2nd Infect Tyler Hill 350 tix $ 714 Expand
3rd Affinity Devin Eckard 429 tix $ 744 Expand
4th Merfolk Alex Hon 342 tix $ 625 Expand
5th Affinity Drew Gifford 421 tix $ 745 Expand
6th U/W Control Jessy Hefner 382 tix $ 675 Expand
7th U/R Twin Chris Stine 561 tix $ 1,335 Expand
8th Slivers Adam Bowman 288 tix $ 676 Expand
9th Abzan Jonathan Bohn 978 tix $ 1,806 Expand
10th Naya Burn Corey Robinson 230 tix $ 505 Expand
11th Grixis Twin Eric Hawkins 534 tix $ 1,208 Expand
12th Affinity Chris Andersen 407 tix $ 686 Expand
13th Abzan Midrange Ryan Rolen 630 tix $ 1,520 Expand
14th Jund Bruce Edelman 875 tix $ 1,884 Expand
15th R/G Tron Joe Lossett 386 tix $ 828 Expand
16th Naya Company Timothy Janow 574 tix $ 1,398 Expand
17th Jund Chase Harrell 953 tix $ 1,873 Expand
18th Abzan Midrange Kazu Negri 421 tix $ 931 Expand
19th Jund Jose David Marzuca 1,019 tix $ 1,967 Expand
20th Kiki Chord Jeff Hoogland 406 tix $ 662 Expand
21st Affinity James Million 404 tix $ 702 Expand
22nd U/W Control Craig Bargo 347 tix $ 747 Expand
23rd Scapeshift CJ Steele 349 tix $ 840 Expand
24th Abzan Michael Farrell 837 tix $ 1,767 Expand
25th Grixis Twin Spencer Garnier 516 tix $ 1,145 Expand
26th Jund Justin Herrell 990 tix $ 1,992 Expand
27th Amulet Bloom Nicholas Bonavita 306 tix $ 581 Expand
28th Amulet Bloom Mark Larson 322 tix $ 629 Expand
29th Abzan Company Brad Carpenter 460 tix $ 991 Expand
30th Affinity Gunner Wrenn 444 tix $ 769 Expand
31st Death and Taxes Elliot Smith 327 tix $ 669 Expand
32nd Kiki Chord Nathan Jones 335 tix $ 644 Expand

Video Coverage (MTGCoverage)

Round Match Video
Round #1 Brian Demars (Affinity) vs Adrian Sullivan (Grixis Waste Not)
Round #2 Luke Bishop (Infect) vs Jeff Hoogland (Kiki Chord)
Round #3 Jeff Hoogland (Kiki Chord) vs Joe Lossett (Tron)
Round #4 Eric Bown (Jeskai Midrange) vs Josh McClain (Naya Zoo)
Round #4 Matthew Tickal (Jund) vs Brent Clawson (Merfolk)
Round #4 William Comminos (4-Color Loam) vs Nick Carico (Scapeshift)
Round #5 Chris Andersen (Afinity) vs Joe Lossett (Tron)
Round #5 Aaron Cooney (Jeskai Midrange) vs Tom Ross (Infect)
Round #6 Eric Hawkins (Grixis Twin) vs Caleb Scherer (Splinter Twin)
Round #7 Craig Bargo (Azorius Control) vs Brian Braun-Duin (Merfolk)
Round #8 Eric Rill (Naya Burn) vs Bobby Fine (Jund)
Round #9 Marc Gaudet (Naya Zoo) vs Chris Andersen (Afinity)
Round #9 Joshua Inda (Splinter Twin) vs Adam Bowman (CoCo Slivers)
Round #10 Eric Hawkins (Grixis Twin) vs Adam Bowman (CoCo Slivers)
Round #10 Lauren Nolen (Splinter Twin) vs William Comminos (4-Color Loam)
Round #11 Kazu Negri (Wilt-Leaf Junk) vs Todd Anderson (Infect)
Round #11 Eric Hawkins (Grixis Twin) vs Jose David Marzuca (Jund)
Round #12 Eric Hawkins (Grixis Twin) vs Todd Anderson (Infect)
Round #13 Chris Andersen (Afinity) vs Todd Anderson (Infect)
Round #13 Ryan Rolen (Wilt-Leaf Junk) vs Spencer Garnier (Grixis Twin)
Round #14 Adam Bowman (CoCo Slivers) vs Chris Andersen (Afinity)
Round #15 Kazu Negri (Wilt-Leaf Junk) vs Adam Bowman (CoCo Slivers)
Quarter-Finals Adam Bowman (CoCo Slivers) vs Todd Anderson (Infect)
Quarter-Finals Jessy Hefner (Azorius Control) vs Tyler Hill (Infect)
Semi-Finals Todd Anderson (Infect) vs Alex Hon (Merfolk)
Semi-Finals Devin Eckard (Affinity) vs Tyler Hill (Infect)
Finals Todd Anderson (Infect) vs Tyler Hill (Infect)
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