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SCG Legacy Open Worcester

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Format: Legacy
Date: 2016-07-10

Place Deck Pilot Online Price Paper Price Toggle Deck
1st Grixis Delver Ed Dimicco 651 tix $ 3,152 Expand
2nd Lands Kevin King 1,717 tix $ 3,660 Expand
3rd Miracles Joe Lossett 676 tix $ 4,234 Expand
4th Goblin Prison Rob Blocher 720 tix $ 2,218 Expand
5th Four-Color Delver Ben Friedman 790 tix $ 3,553 Expand
6th Infect Todd Stevens 672 tix $ 2,492 Expand
7th Mono-Red Sneak Attack Jeff Hoogland 645 tix $ 1,648 Expand
8th Reanimator Jonathan Morawski 767 tix $ 2,779 Expand
9th Miracles Sam Roukas 633 tix $ 3,804 Expand
10th Temur Delver Gerard Fabiano 935 tix $ 3,755 Expand
11th Punishing Maverick Meritt Elmasri 402 tix $ 1,508 Expand
12th Grixis Delver Kent Ketter 591 tix $ 2,961 Expand
13th Grixis Delver Kerry Foerst 587 tix $ 3,016 Expand
14th Infect Zachary Koch 594 tix $ 2,349 Expand
15th Miracles Jeff Folinus 572 tix $ 3,331 Expand
16th Punishing Abzan Rudy Briksza 1,013 tix $ 2,710 Expand
17th Temur Delver Li Xu 828 tix $ 3,266 Expand
18th Shardless Sultai Charles Prugh 1,120 tix $ 4,305 Expand
19th Lands Blake Sanford 1,708 tix $ 3,593 Expand
20th Lands Ben Feingersh 1,708 tix $ 3,640 Expand
21st Storm Caleb Scherer 463 tix $ 2,624 Expand
22nd Elves Thomas Ellis 470 tix $ 2,420 Expand
23rd Lands Matthew Dilks 1,749 tix $ 3,692 Expand
24th Colorless Eldrazi Eric Blanchet 589 tix $ 1,470 Expand
25th Punishing Jund Chris Dirico 1,086 tix $ 2,977 Expand
26th Infect Aaron Brummer 639 tix $ 2,274 Expand
27th Lands Neeraj Shukla 1,742 tix $ 3,973 Expand
28th Shardless Sultai Robert Wright 1,090 tix $ 3,920 Expand
29th Colorless Eldrazi Breitman Alan 612 tix $ 1,600 Expand
30th Miracles Harlan Firer 659 tix $ 2,688 Expand
31st Sneak and Show Alan Shupe 958 tix $ 3,072 Expand
32nd Colorless Eldrazi Daniel DiCarlo 656 tix $ 1,714 Expand

Video Coverage (MTGCoverage)

Round Match Video
Round #1 Reid Duke (Elves) vs Anuraag Das (Miracles) youtube
Round #2 Kent Ketter (Grixis Delver) vs Noah Walker (Grixis Delver) youtube
Round #2 Joshua Taylor (Eldrazi Stompy) vs Akash Naidu (Sneak and Show) youtube
Round #3 Ross Merriam (Ad Nauseam Tendrils) vs Jim Davis (Sultai Delver) youtube
Round #3 Tom Ross (Infect) vs Alex Cadieux (Nic Fit) youtube
Round #4 Todd Stevens (Infect) vs Jeff Hoogland (Mono-Red Sneak Attack) youtube
Round #4 Sam Roukas (Miracles) vs Dylan Donegan (Grixis Delver) youtube
Round #4 Craig Stambaugh (Elves) vs Joe Lossett (Miracles) youtube
Round #5 Tom Ross (Infect) vs Jessy Hefner (Sneak and Show) youtube
Round #5 Peter Ingram (Sultai Delver) vs Greg Neithamer (Infect) youtube
Round #6 Kent Ketter (Grixis Delver) vs Peter Ingram (Sultai Delver) youtube
Round #7 Kevin King (Lands) vs Brandon Pascal (Death and Taxes) youtube
Round #8 Ze'eva Chasan (Burn) vs Joe Lossett (Miracles) youtube
Round #8 Sam Roukas (Miracles) vs Brandon Osborne (Ad Nauseam Tendrils) youtube
Round #9 Jonathan Morawski (Reanimator) vs Ben Friedman (4C Delver) youtube
Round #10 Robert Wright (Shardless BUG) vs Joe Lossett (Miracles) youtube
Round #11 Jeff Folinus (Miracles) vs Gerard Fabiano (RUG Delver) youtube
Round #12 Alan Shupe (Sneak and Show) vs Andrew Tenjum (Sultai Control) youtube
Round #13 Jeff Hoogland (Mono-Red Sneak Attack) vs Ed Demicco (Grixis Delver) youtube
Round #13 Joe Lossett (Miracles) vs Kevin King (Lands) youtube
Round #13 Todd Stevens (Infect) vs Alan Shupe (Sneak and Show) youtube
Round #14 Harlan Firer (Miracles) vs Caleb Scherer (Ad Nauseam Tendrils) youtube
Round #15 Jeff Folinus (Miracles) vs Jeff Hoogland (Mono-Red Sneak Attack) youtube
Round #15 Ben Friedman (4C Delver) vs Kent Ketter (Grixis Delver) youtube
Round #15 Aaron Brummer (Infect) vs Sam Roukas (Miracles) youtube
Quarter-Finals Joe Lossett (Miracles) vs Jeff Hoogland (Mono-Red Sneak Attack) youtube
Semi-Finals Ed Demicco (Grixis Delver) vs Rob Blocher (Goblin Prison) youtube
Semi-Finals Kevin King (Lands) vs Joe Lossett (Miracles) youtube
Finals Kevin King (Lands) vs Ed Demicco (Grixis Delver) youtube
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