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SCG Legacy Open Philadelphia

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Format: Legacy
Date: 2016-02-27

Place Deck Pilot Online Price Paper Price Toggle Deck
1st Grixis Delver Noah Walker 759 tix $ 2,889 Expand
2nd Colorless Eldrazi Gerry Thompson 682 tix $ 1,883 Expand
3rd Infect Tom Ross 759 tix $ 2,720 Expand
4th Grixis Delver Louis Bachaud 797 tix $ 3,329 Expand
5th Miracles Rich Cali 677 tix $ 3,385 Expand
6th Lands David Long 1,631 tix $ 3,178 Expand
7th U/R Delver Eli Kassis 900 tix $ 2,813 Expand
8th Colorless Eldrazi Harlan Firer 651 tix $ 1,393 Expand
9th Colorless Eldrazi Steven Sherwin 339 tix $ 1,218 Expand
10th Elves Andrew Jessup 590 tix $ 2,102 Expand
11th Grixis Delver Alex Bastecki 872 tix $ 3,201 Expand
12th Infect Zachary Koch 582 tix $ 2,386 Expand
13th Miracles Joe Lossett 763 tix $ 3,720 Expand
14th Storm Kyle Fitzsimmons 534 tix $ 2,251 Expand
15th Colorless Eldrazi Brad Carpenter 651 tix $ 1,393 Expand
16th Imperial Painter Benjamin Hatch 746 tix $ 2,577 Expand
17th Lands Sam Doumanis 1,656 tix $ 3,211 Expand
18th Storm Eric Johnson 530 tix $ 2,365 Expand
19th Lands Kevin King 1,612 tix $ 3,131 Expand
20th Colorless Eldrazi Andrew Tenjum 667 tix $ 1,397 Expand
21st Colorless Eldrazi Aaron Webster 661 tix $ 1,651 Expand
22nd Burn Brenden Mccarley 211 tix $ 671 Expand
23rd Lands Rudy Briksza 1,648 tix $ 3,199 Expand
24th Miracles Chris Boozer 839 tix $ 3,117 Expand
25th Miracles Jeremy Fehon 661 tix $ 3,436 Expand
26th Colorless Eldrazi Greg Gentile 649 tix $ 1,545 Expand
27th Lands Thomas Hepp 479 tix $ 2,342 Expand
28th W/R Death and Taxes Eetai Ben-sasson 1,390 tix $ 2,751 Expand
29th Maverick Danny West 619 tix $ 2,133 Expand
30th Sultai Delver RJ Fischer 1,023 tix $ 3,602 Expand
31st Lands Daniel Barkon 1,628 tix $ 3,112 Expand
32nd Grixis Delver Ed Demicco 917 tix $ 3,338 Expand

Video Coverage (MTGCoverage)

Round Match Video
Round #1 Phil Gallagher (Death and Taxes) vs Michael Braverman (Shardless BUG)
Round #2 Anuraag Das (Miracles) vs Daryl Ayers (Lands)
Round #3 Jeff Hoogland (All-in Red) vs Ellison Berryhill (Temur Delver)
Round #3 Joe Lossett (Miracles) vs Ryan Conte (BUG Delver)
Round #3 Tom Ross (Infect) vs Alex Chen (4C Delver)
Round #4 Todd Stevens (Eldrazi Stompy) vs John Taylor (Burn)
Round #4 Nathan Golia (Grixis Delver) vs Jessy Hefner (Deathblade)
Round #5 Shawn French (Tin Fins) vs Gerry Thompson (Eldrazi Stompy)
Round #5 David Long (Lands) vs Anuraag Das (Miracles)
Round #6 Sam Roukas (Miracles) vs Andy Ferguson (Affinity)
Round #6 Noah Walker (Grixis Delver) vs Omar Hernandez (Aluren)
Round #7 Kevin Jones (Bant) vs Nathan Golia (Grixis Delver)
Round #8 Danny West (Maverick) vs Tom Ross (Infect)
Round #8 Sam Roukas (Miracles) vs Dylan Donegan (Grixis Delver)
Round #9 Kevin An (UR Delver) vs Cedric Phillips (Reanimator)
Round #10 Bradley Carpenter (Eldrazi Stompy) vs Harlan Firer (Eldrazi Stompy)
Round #10 Noah Walker (Grixis Delver) vs Rich Cali (Miracles)
Round #11 Eli Kassis (UR Delver) vs Noah Walker (Grixis Delver)
Round #12 Mario Martinez (Esper Mentor) vs Brenden McCarley (Burn)
Round #12 Blake Sanford (Lands) vs Joe Lossett (Miracles)
Round #13 Tom Ross (Infect) vs Alex Bastecki (Grixis Delver)
Round #14 Eli Kassis (UR Delver) vs Joe Lossett (Miracles)
Round #14 David Long (Lands) vs Tom Ross (Infect)
Round #15 Joe Lossett (Miracles) vs Tom Ross (Infect)
Quarter-Finals Harlan Firer (Eldrazi Stompy) vs Gerry Thompson (Eldrazi Stompy)
Quarter-Finals Louis Bachaud (Grixis Delver) vs Rich Cali (Miracles)
Semi-Finals Tom Ross (Infect) vs Noah Walker (Grixis Delver)
Finals Gerry Thompson (Eldrazi Stompy) vs Noah Walker (Grixis Delver)
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