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SCG Invitational Columbus

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Format: Mixed
Date: 2016-04-15


Place Deck Pilot Online Price Paper Price Toggle Deck
1st Infect Max McVety 375 tix $ 935 Expand
2nd Abzan Craig Krempels 861 tix $ 1,960 Expand
3rd Abzan Company Ryan Fleisher 559 tix $ 1,125 Expand
4th Abzan Company Andrew Maine 689 tix $ 1,410 Expand
5th Abzan Company Logan Mize 560 tix $ 1,252 Expand
6th Scapeshift James Wager 393 tix $ 763 Expand
7th Zoo Jameson Perdue 363 tix $ 941 Expand
8th U/W Thopter Gifts Gerry Thompson 322 tix $ 868 Expand
9th Bant Company Eli Kassis 576 tix $ 1,168 Expand
11th Tribal Zoo Jason Smith 537 tix $ 1,358 Expand
16th Jund Marquis Johnson 1,020 tix $ 2,223 Expand
41st Burn Bob Culp 427 tix $ 1,072 Expand
45th Burn Bryan Hatch 252 tix $ 681 Expand
108th Abzan Josh Serano 815 tix $ 1,811 Expand
150th Jeskai Ascendancy Combo Bill Comminos 240 tix $ 653 Expand


Place Deck Pilot Online Price Paper Price Toggle Deck
1st Mono-White Humans Max McVety 70 tix $ 246 Expand
2nd Bant Company Craig Krempels 402 tix $ 610 Expand
3rd Bant Company Ryan Fleisher 362 tix $ 537 Expand
4th G/W Tokens Andrew Maine 369 tix $ 548 Expand
5th Bant Company Logan Mize 395 tix $ 599 Expand
6th Big White James Wager 312 tix $ 507 Expand
7th U/R Control Jameson Perdue 215 tix $ 461 Expand
8th W/U Humans Gerry Thompson 177 tix $ 365 Expand
10th Bant Company Daniel Ward 339 tix $ 496 Expand
13th Mono-Red Eldrazi Michael Egolf 179 tix $ 285 Expand
15th W/B Midrange Dylan Jones 268 tix $ 449 Expand
26th Bant Company Jake Valentine 360 tix $ 527 Expand
28th W/U Humans Alexander Strange 237 tix $ 495 Expand
29th W/U Humans Matt Farney 164 tix $ 423 Expand
33rd W/U Humans Josh Cho 177 tix $ 365 Expand
38th Bant Company Brandon Pascal 392 tix $ 605 Expand
59th Bant Company Craig Rocco 367 tix $ 546 Expand
64th Bant Company Grant Christopher 357 tix $ 525 Expand
65th W/B Midrange Raja Sulaiman 253 tix $ 426 Expand
87th Mardu Control Jeff Hoogland 218 tix $ 338 Expand
118th W/B Midrange Dylan Hand 272 tix $ 378 Expand
124th Bant Company Douglas Pimm 408 tix $ 628 Expand
222nd W/G Humans Michael Majors 303 tix $ 452 Expand
224th Big White Kent Ketter 312 tix $ 506 Expand
288th B/G Company Frank Davis 235 tix $ 334 Expand
651st Mono-Red Aggro Gray Davidson Carroll 13 tix $ 55 Expand
707th W/B Midrange Paul Day 268 tix $ 441 Expand

Video Coverage (MTGCoverage)

Round Match Video
Round #1 Jim Davis (Bant Company) vs Sean Evans (W/U Control)
Round #1 Kazu Negri (Bant Company) vs Joe Lossett (Mad Jeskai)
Round #2 Robert Wright (B/W Eldrazi) vs Todd Anderson (U/R Goggles)
Round #2 Andrew Funkhouser (GR Eldrazi Ramp) vs Brian Demars (Mono-White Eldrazi)
Round #3 Harlan Firer (GR Tokens) vs Michael Derczo (Mono W Humans)
Round #4 Korey McDuffie (B/W Midrange) vs Ben Friedman (Bant Company)
Round #4 Kevin Jones (Bant Company) vs Chris Andersen (Mono-White Eldrazi)
Round #5 Ross Merriam (Naya Burn) vs Gerry Thompson (Thopter Gifts)
Round #6 Dylan Hand (Jeskai Control) vs Joe Lossett (Mono-Green Tron)
Round #7 Bill Comminos (Jeskai Ascendancy) vs Tim Turner (G/R Tron)
Round #7 Craig Krempels (Abzan) vs Grant Christopher (Big Zoo)
Round #8 Peixian Wang (Scapeshift) vs Todd Anderson (Infect)
Round #8 Daniel A Weiser (Naya Burn) vs Andrew Tenjum (Abzan Company)
Round #8 Jeff Hoogland (Kiki Chord) vs Chris Bargo (Abzan Company)
Round #9 Andrew Tenjum (Mono-White Humans) vs Daniel Ward (Bant Company)
Round #10 Tim J Ealey (U/R Goggles) vs Max McVety (Mono W Humans)
Round #10 Eli Kassis (G/W Company) vs Korey McDuffie (B/W Midrange)
Round #11 Craig Krempels (Bant Company) vs Ross Merriam (U/R Goggles)
Round #12 Max McVety (Mono W Humans) vs Gerry Thompson (U/W Humans)
Round #12 Logan Mize (Bant Company) vs Jason Smith (Green-White Tokens)
Round #13 Logan Mize (Abzan Company) vs Gerry Thompson (Thopter Gifts)
Round #14 Matthew Farney (Jeskai Soul Sisters) vs Kyle Boggemes (Zoo)
Round #15 Eli Kassis (Bant Company) vs Andrew Maine (Abzan Company)
Round #16 Jameson Perdue (Zoo) vs Ross Merriam (Naya Burn)
Round #16 Korey McDuffie (Esper Thopter Foundry) vs Craig Krempels (Abzan)
Quarter-Finals Jameson Perdue (U/R Goggles) vs Max McVety (Mono W Humans)
Quarter-Finals James Wager (Mono-White Humans) vs Andrew Maine (Green-White Tokens)
Quarter-Finals Ryan Fleisher (Bant Company) vs Gerry Thompson (U/W Humans)
Quarter-Finals Logan Mize (Bant Company) vs Craig Krempels (Bant Company)
Semi-Finals Max McVety (Mono W Humans) vs Andrew Maine (Green-White Tokens)
Semi-Finals Ryan Fleisher (Bant Company) vs Craig Krempels (Bant Company)
Finals Max McVety (Mono W Humans) vs Craig Krempels (Bant Company)
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