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Kaladesh is the first expansion set of the Kaladesh Block. Kaladesh contains 264 cards and releases September 30, 2016 (October 10, 2016 on Magic Online).

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Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions

The Masterpiece Series is a new group of cards that will show up in booster packs of Standard-legal sets. The cards are premium foils and are reprints of some of the most powerful cards printed throughout Magic's history. Kaladesh Inventions are legal in any format where the original printing is legal. They are extremely rare, showing up once in every 144 boosters. There are 54 inventions total in the Kaladesh block; 30 in Kaladesh itself and another 24 in Aether Revolt.

Planeswalker Decks

Planeswalker Decks contain exciting new cards designed to introduce players to Magic: the Gathering. These cards cannot be opened in booster packs and only come in the Planeswalker Decks. All Planeswalker Deck cards are Standard legal.