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This guide is for 2014. Be sure to check out our updated Magic: the Gathering Holiday Guide Guide 2015.

Magic: the Gathering Holiday Gift Guide 2014

November, 5 2014


Searching for holiday gifts for your favorite "Magic: The Gathering" player? Or just looking for cool gifts in general? We'll go over several options at different price points that will make the holidays memorable for that special person. You can grab any of these products at your local gaming store, big box store, or right here online.

Booster Packs

A booster pack contains 15 random cards. These are meant for players to supplement their existing decks, so they are not appropriate for the absolute beginner. Booster packs are the Magic: the Gathering equivalent of the lottery: Each pack can contain cards worth as little as $1 or as much as $100+. Players LOVE opening booster packs for the surprise inside. Packs usually cost $3.00 - $4.00 each, and there are various products which bundle multiple packs together. You should get packs from the latest Magic: the Gathering set (Khans of Tarkir) unless you know they're looking for a particular set. You can get booster packs in a wide variety of products. If you're not sure, the Holiday Gift Box at $20 is a surefire winner (it does have 'Holiday' in its name afterall!).

Booster Pack ($3-$4)

Great for stocking stuffers or as an additional gift, these packs contain 15 random cards each.

Holiday Gift Box (~$20)

The Holiday Gift Box was created with gift-giving in mind. These come jammed packed with goodies which include:

  • 4 Khans of Tarkir booster packs
  • Storage box that holds 2,000 cards
  • 20 lands
  • 6 illustrated plastic dividers
  • Sticker sheet for customziing dividers
  • Alternate-art Sultai Charm card

Fat Pack (~$35)

In between a Gift Box and a Booster Box, these "fat packs" provide a good mix of booster packs and accessories. They include:

  • 9 Khans of Tarkir booster packs
  • 80 lands
  • 1 life counter and guide
  • 2 deck boxes
  • 1 storage box

Booster Box (~$90-$100)

No messing around, just 36 booster packs in a box. Great for those who play in large groups as they can use the packs to play Sealed or Draft games with the packs instead of just opening them.

View more Magic: the Gathering Boosters on Amazon ...

Two-Player Decks (~$15-$30)

"Clash Packs" and "Duel Decks" are two Magic: the Gathering products that are designed to be played out of the box by two players. Each pack comes with two pre-constructed decks that are balanced to be played against each other. This is a great gift if you have children as you can join in the fun and play one of the decks! These decks are also great for beginners because the decks are already pre-made so you can just hop into the game. The Magic 2015 Core Set Clash Pack is a great choice as it contains the latest cards and several valuable and highly sought after cards. It might also be wise to grab two packs of cards sleeves (you'll need 120 sleeves total, 60 for each deck) if you want to protect the cards, but this completely optional.

MTG Magic the Gathering Card Game M15 2015 Core Set - 2-P...

$16.49 S

Magic: The Gathering 2014 (MTG) Duel Deck Speed vs. Cunning

$29.95 S

Magic the Gathering: Jace Vs. Vraska Duel Deck

$29.00 S

Magic: The Gathering: Heroes vs. Monsters Duel Deck (2 Li...

$29.99 S

Magic the Gathering Duel Decks Sorin vs. Tibalt


Search for more Duel Decks on Amazon ...

Commander 2014 Decks (~$25-$35)

The 2014 Commander Decks are 100-card pre-constructed decks that are ready to play out of the box. These are the hot new decks released for the holiday season (released November 7). They provide tons of fun interactions and are very balanced against eachother. If you're looking to pickup a pre-constructed deck in the medium budget range, these are the way to go! Pick up two if you want to battle with your giftee. If you want to know the exact contents of each deck, you can check out our Commander 2014 page.

Magic The Gathering Commander 2014 Peer Through Time Deck


Commander 2014 - Black Deck with Ghoulcaller Gisa - Magic...


Magic The Gathering Commander 2014 Built from Scratch Deck


Magic The Gathering Commander 2014 Guided by Nature Deck

$99.98 S

Commander 2014 - White Deck with Planeswalker Commander -...


Funko Pop! Magic: the Gathering (~$10)

These figures aren't used to play Magic: the Gathering, but are great for any fans of the series. Many great franchises have been turned into cute little figures (e.g. Marvel, Star Wars, etc), and Magic: the Gathering is no exception. How do you know which character to choose from? If you have access to the giftee's cards, you can look through them to see if you can find any familiar faces. My personal favorite is the fiery spellslinger Chandra Nalaar.

Funko Pop! Games: Magic The Gathering - Garruk Wildspeake...


Funko Pop! Games: Magic The Gathering - Ajani Goldmane Vi...


Funko Pop! Games: Magic The Gathering - Jace Beleren Viny...


Funko Pop! Games: Magic The Gathering - Nissa Revane


Funko Pop! Games: Magic The Gathering - Chandra Nalaar Vi...


Funko Pop! Games: Magic The Gathering - Liliana Vess Viny...


Funko POP Games: Magic The Gathering - Series 2 Elspeth V...


Funko POP Games: Magic The Gathering - Series 2 Tezzeret ...


Funko POP Games: Magic The Gathering - Series 2 Gideon Ju...


Funko POP Games: Magic The Gathering - Series 2 Kiora Atu...


Funko POP Games: Magic The Gathering - Series 2 Nicol Bol...

$20.49 S

Funko POP Games: Magic The Gathering - Series 2 Sarkhan V...


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Gaming Supplies (~$5-$20)

Aside from cards, Magic: the Gathering requires many basic accessories to play. These include deck boxes to store decks, sleeves to put cards in, playmats to keep cards clean, and dice to keep track of counters and life. These products come decorated in basic colors, generic fantasy artwork, or Magic: the Gathering artwork.

Ultra Pro Magic The Gathering Khans of Tarkir Play Mat, V...


Ultra Pro Magic The Gathering Khans of Tarkir Deck Box, V...


Ultra Pro Green Satin Tower Deck Boxes

$10.99 S

Dragon Shield Protective Card Sleeves (100 Count), Black

$9.24 S

Chessex Dice FBA_25818 Chessex Opaque 12mm d6 Black w/Red...


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Magic: the Gathering Books (~$10)

Does your special someone like to read? Magic: the Gathering has been around since 1993 and the designers have created a rich universe steeped in lore. There are many books that chronicle the universe of Magic, and some of these books are really good fantasy novels even if you remove all things Magic from them. My personal recommendation is Artifacts Omnibus I, which gives an great introduction into the Magic: the Gathering universe.

Artifacts Cycle I: A Magic: The Gathering Omnibus


Agents of Artifice: A Planeswalker Novel (Planeswalkers)


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Magic: the Gathering Comics (~$10-$40)

Perhaps your recipient likes something more visual? There are several comic books for Magic: the Gathering featuring fantastic artwork from the series.

Magic: The Gathering: The Complete Collection


Path of the Planeswalker: A Magic: The Gathering Graphic ...


Path of the Planeswalker, Volume 2: A Magic: The Gatherin...

$9.51 S

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Regardless of what gift you choose, any of the products above will fill a Magic: the Gathering player with joy. The only thing better than receiving a Magic: the Gathering gift is playing Magic: the Gathering! Be sure to grab something for yourself and you can play alongside with your loved ones this holiday season.

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