Series: MTGGoldfish Podcast

Join Crim (TheAsianAvenger), Seth (SaffronOlive) and Richard (BlackTuna) as they discuss the weekly news and answer user submitted questions.



Podcast 007: FTV Angels, Hasbro Financial Report, Modern

Feb 21 // by mtggoldfish

The crew discusses From the Vault: Angels, the Hasbro Financial Report, and PVDDR's take on Modern.


Podcast 006: Pro Tour Fate Reforged Modern, Magic Origins

Feb 13 // by mtggoldfish

The crew discuss everything Modern in light of Pro Tour Fate Reforged and give their expectations and theories for Magic Origins.


Podcast 005: Pro Tour Fate Reforged Preview

Feb 06 // by mtggoldfish

The crew discusses the upcoming modern Pro Tour and touch upon the Magic Online release events.


Podcast 004: Fate Reforged Standard and Tiny Leaders

Jan 30 // by mtggoldfish

The crew discusses the new Standard metagame in light of SCG DC and the new up and coming format Tiny Leaders.


Podcast 003: Banned and Restricted Discussion

Jan 23 // by mtggoldfish

The crew discusses how the Banned and Restricted announcement will affect Modern and Legacy, and what to expect with card prices.


Podcast 002: Modern, Banned and Restricted List, Fate Reforged Prerelease

Jan 16 // by mtggoldfish

Chaz, Richard and Seth cover the results of Modern GP Omaha, the upcoming B&R update, and some tips for the Fate Reforged prerelease.


Podcast Episode 001: Introduction and Fate Reforged Spoilers

Jan 08 // by mtggoldfish

Join Chaz, Richard and Seth in the first official MTGGoldfish Podcast as they cover Fate Reforged Spoilers.