The following cards are not available on Magic: the Gathering Arena: ["Jhoira of the Ghitu", "Aetherplasm", "Arcanis the Omnipotent", "Archetype of Imagination", "Artisan of Kozilek", "Avatar of Slaughter", "Bane of Bala Ged", "Bearer of the Heavens", "Braids, Conjurer Adept", "Breaker of Armies", "Colossal Whale", "Deep-Sea Kraken", "Desolation Twin", "Hand of Emrakul", "Inkwell Leviathan", "Jhoira's Timebug", "Kederekt Leviathan", "Lorthos, the Tidemaker", "Magmatic Force", "Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind", "Pathrazer of Ulamog", "Rift Elemental", "Stormtide Leviathan", "Tidal Force", "Timebender", "Tromokratis", "Tyrant of Discord", "Ulamog's Crusher", "Aetherflux Reservoir", "Cauldron of Souls", "Izzet Signet", "Omen Machine", "Quicksilver Amulet", "Timesifter", "Clockspinning", "Counterflux", "Counterspell", "Dissolve", "Fury Charm", "Izzet Charm", "Rewind", "Timecrafting", "Guild Feud", "Mind Unbound", "Paradox Haze", "Possibility Storm", "Thought Reflection", "Warstorm Surge", "Alpha Brawl", "Aminatou's Augury", "Decree of Annihilation", "Jokulhaups", "Obliterate", "Warp World", "Izzet Boilerworks", "Wandering Fumarole"]

Export Deck to Magic: the Gathering Arena

You can copy the decklist below and import it into Magic: the Gathering Arena. See below for detailed instructions.

Detailed Magic Arena Importing Instructions

1. Copy the decklist above to your clipboard by highlighting it, right clicking, and choosing Copy.

2. Open Magic: the Gathering Arena. Choose the "Deck" menu and click "Import" on the bottom. It will import the decklist currently in your clipboard.

3. Your deck will be imported as "Imported Deck." There may be a number after it if you have imported multiple decks (e.g. Imported Deck (2)).

4. Double Click the Imported Deck. On the right, you can rename the deck. Any cards you don't own will be highlighted in Red. Be sure to replace those cards or craft them with Wildcards.

5. And you're done! You can now modify the deck to your liking or jump into a game!