The following cards are not available on Magic: the Gathering Arena: ["Arcbound Ravager", "Hangarback Walker", "Myr Retriever", "Palace Jailer", "Phyrexian Revoker", "Recruiter of the Guard", "Scrap Trawler", "Spellskite", "Stoneforge Mystic", "Walking Ballista", "Ashnod's Altar", "Batterskull", "Chalice of the Void", "Lotus Petal", "Sword of Fire and Ice", "Thorn of Amethyst", "Ancient Tomb", "City of Traitors", "Inventors' Fair", "Karakas", "Snow-Covered Plains", "Wasteland", "Act of Authority", "Council's Judgment", "Ensnaring Bridge", "Faerie Macabre", "Swords to Plowshares", "Tormod's Crypt", "Umezawa's Jitte"]

Export Deck to Magic: the Gathering Arena

You can copy the decklist below and import it into Magic: the Gathering Arena. See below for detailed instructions.

Detailed Magic Arena Importing Instructions

1. Copy the decklist above to your clipboard by highlighting it, right clicking, and choosing Copy.

2. Open Magic: the Gathering Arena. Choose the "Deck" menu and click "Import" on the bottom. It will import the decklist currently in your clipboard.

3. Your deck will be imported as "Imported Deck." There may be a number after it if you have imported multiple decks (e.g. Imported Deck (2)).

4. Double Click the Imported Deck. On the right, you can rename the deck. Any cards you don't own will be highlighted in Red. Be sure to replace those cards or craft them with Wildcards.

5. And you're done! You can now modify the deck to your liking or jump into a game!