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Untitled by Kitchen_Finks

3 Rare, 6 Uncommon, 33 Common
Draft HOUx2 AKHx1 PTQ #10757671, (7-1)
Format: Draft
Jul 16, 2017
Creatures (16)
1 Earthshaker Khenra 1r Unavailable
1 Feral Prowler 1g Unavailable
1 Rhonas's Stalwart 1g Unavailable
1 Fervent Paincaster 2r Unavailable
1 Khenra Scrapper 2r Unavailable
1 Minotaur Sureshot 2r Unavailable
2 Sidewinder Naga 2g Unavailable
1 Thresher Lizard 2r Unavailable
1 Champion of Rhonas 3g Unavailable
1 Frontline Devastator 3r Unavailable
1 Oasis Ritualist 3g Unavailable
1 Trueheart Twins 4r Unavailable
1 Granitic Titan 4rr Unavailable
2 Rampaging Hippo 4gg Unavailable
Spells (7)
1 Kindled Fury r Unavailable
1 Fling 1r 1 Common
1 Gift of Strength 1g 1 Common
1 Rhonas's Last Stand gg Unavailable
1 Open Fire 2r Unavailable
1 Puncturing Blow 2rr Unavailable
1 Appeal // Authority g // 1w Unavailable
Lands (17)
1 Evolving Wilds 1 Common
7 Forest
7 Mountain
1 Plains
1 Survivors' Encampment Unavailable
Sideboard (20)
1 Cradle of the Accursed Unavailable
1 Desert of the Glorified Unavailable
1 Island
2 Plains
1 Blazing Volley r Unavailable
1 Festering Mummy b Unavailable
2 Life Goes On g Unavailable
1 Ruthless Sniper b Unavailable
1 Sixth Sense g Unavailable
1 Slither Blade u Unavailable
1 Trespasser's Curse 1b Unavailable
1 Countervailing Winds 2u Unavailable
1 Eternal of Harsh Truths 2u Unavailable
1 Graven Abomination 3 Unavailable
1 Moaning Wall 2b Unavailable
1 Thorned Moloch 2r Unavailable
1 Unburden 1bb Unavailable
1 Dutiful Servants 3w Unavailable
60 Cards Total

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Calculating deck price based on your collection

Calculating deck price based on your collection

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