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Orzhov Servos by Kompy


User Submitted Deck
Format: Standard
Mar 09, 2017
Creatures (18)
3 Thraben Inspector w 0.12
3 Toolcraft Exemplar w 0.18
4 Metallic Mimic 2 12.32
3 Chief of the Foundry 3 0.03
3 Weaponcraft Enthusiast 2b 0.03
2 Angel of Invention 3ww 16.16
Spells (17)
2 Fatal Push b 8.00
2 Altar's Reap 1b 0.02
2 Blessed Alliance 1w 2.90
4 Servo Exhibition 1w 0.04
3 Collective Effort 1ww 0.03
4 Sram's Expertise 2ww 1.40
Artifacts (3)
3 Aethersphere Harvester 3 7.95
Lands (22)
2 Aether Hub 0.74
4 Concealed Courtyard 10.04
7 Plains 0.00
3 Shambling Vent 4.89
4 Swamp 0.00
2 Westvale Abbey 2.70
Sideboard (15)
3 Authority of the Consuls w 3.69
1 Blessed Alliance 1w 1.45
2 Anguished Unmaking 1wb 0.20
3 Lost Legacy 1bb 1.08
2 Stasis Snare 1ww 0.06
2 Fumigate 3ww 5.80
2 Ob Nixilis Reignited 3bb 3.24
75 Cards Total
Creatures (18)
3 Thraben Inspector w 2.67
3 Toolcraft Exemplar w 1.77
4 Metallic Mimic 2 27.44
3 Chief of the Foundry 3 0.51
3 Weaponcraft Enthusiast 2b 0.54
2 Angel of Invention 3ww 13.10
Spells (17)
2 Fatal Push b 17.72
2 Altar's Reap 1b 0.22
2 Blessed Alliance 1w 3.68
4 Servo Exhibition 1w 0.84
3 Collective Effort 1ww 1.65
4 Sram's Expertise 2ww 3.88
Artifacts (3)
3 Aethersphere Harvester 3 4.32
Lands (22)
2 Aether Hub 4.50
4 Concealed Courtyard 19.96
7 Plains 0.00
3 Shambling Vent 9.24
4 Swamp 0.00
2 Westvale Abbey 11.38
Sideboard (15)
3 Authority of the Consuls w 5.25
1 Blessed Alliance 1w 1.84
2 Anguished Unmaking 1wb 4.74
3 Lost Legacy 1bb 1.44
2 Stasis Snare 1ww 1.48
2 Fumigate 3ww 3.44
2 Ob Nixilis Reignited 3bb 5.64
75 Cards Total

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- Removed Marionette Master. She does wonders when she's in play, but she's a bit too fat to make it onto the BF in time to really put pressure on the opponent. She's being replaced with Herald of Anguish. Anguish can put just as much pressure on the opponent being a 5/5 flyer that forces a discard, and can be brought out as early as turn 4 using improvise.
- Removed all Master Trinketeer. Replaced them with a 4th Sram's Expertise and a 4th Borrowed Grace. Grace does HUGE wonders for this deck, and Sram's is key to keeping tempo past turn 4. Master Trinketeer is also a weaker counterpart to Chief of the Foundry, who we still run 4 of. Chief is just easier to cast, and being a 2/3, he can survive earlier turns easier.
- Replaced Toolcraft with Thraben Inspector - really, this choice is up to you. Thraben helps with card draw, Toolcraft is more aggro.
- Blessed Alliance is now in our sideboard, and mainboard replacement is Authority of the Consuls - overall, this slot is up to you depending on if you need card draw, more control, or whatever. Consuls is an easy turn 1 drop, and keeps our opponents on step behind us. It also stops the cat combo, so there's that.
- Land base has been tweaked a bit.


This deck has two main mechanics: Servos and pumping them via anthems.

Servo Makers:

Servo Exhibition - Easy 2 servos. Drop these when you can.

Sram's Expertise - Lets you drop any 3CMC or less card while also bringing in 3 servos.

Weaponcraft Enthusiast - Always Fab 2 Servos with this, and use Weaponcraft as a chump blocker.

Angel of Invention - Fab 2 depending on board state. It's almost always better to Fab 2 Servos and Anthem them, but if you already have lots of Servos and/or need life, Fab 2 counters.

Marionette Master - Fab 3 depending on board state. It's actually more beneficial to Fab 3 counters onto Marionette, making it 4/6. This places pressure onto the opponent, since each Servo that dies to blocks or pings will deal 4 life loss to the opponent.

Master Trinketeer - Not used very often, but this card's 2nd ability can bring in Servos in a pinch.



Metallic Mimic - Well, technically counters. Name it Servo. Try to drop this prior to fabricating Servos since Mimic only places counters on Servos that ETB *after* Mimic is on the board.

Chief of the Foundry - Pure and simple, gives all other artifacts +1/+1.

Master Trinketeer - Just like Chief but for Servos only, and with the added benefit of producing Servos.

Angel of Invention - A blanket +1/+1


Other Creatures:

Eldrazi Displacer - This was previously Animation Module, but decided to try this creature instead to blink Fabricate creatures.

The idea here is to blink creatures such as Angel of Invention and Marionette Master at a cost of 2C mana to spit out more servos, or get both servos and counters. For example, cast Marionette Master, Fab 3 servos, blink her, then Fab counters for a 4/6.

You may also use Displacer's blink to grant a pseudo-indestructible to your non-servo creatures, such as blocking/attacking then blinking to avoid killing the creature. This is useful for preventing a Declaration in Stone from wiping out your Servos. Blink the targeted Servo (yes, you'll lose it) to cause the Dec to fizzle, saving your other Servos.

Another clever use of Displacer is to activate Shambling Vent, save 2C mana, attack with vent, and if your opponent would end up killing it, blink it instead to bring it back into play as a land.

Lastly, use Displacer to tap opponent creatures. Be careful tho as this will also blink their ETBs, but if that's not as big of a threat as the creature itself, then using Displacer's ability will tap their creature. Blinking also shakes off of attachments and enchants, such as those common with pummeler decks.

Toolcraft Exemplar - It's an easy 1 drop 3/2, considering servos are out all the time. A turn 1 Toolcraft with a Turn 2 Servo Exhibition or Mimic gives you a T2 3/2 swing. Later in the game, it's an easy way to spend extra mana. This creature is the easiest to replace for sideboard slots.


Spells and Counters:

Borrowed Grace - This spell is great when played strategically. Opponents don't usually see 1/1 servos as a big threat, especially if it's still early in the game.

The best way to play this card is to enter combat, declare your attackers and swing wide, let your opponent declare blockers, then cast this spell.

Usually you want to choose +2/+0, which lets you destroy opponent creatures (because they assign their weakest blockers to Servos), or hit your opponent hard if they decide not to block.

For example. You have 3 servos and your opponent only has one X/1 creature on the board. You swing. Opponent doesn't block, and decides to take the hit to life loss. After they declared no blocks, but before you resolve damage, cast Borrowed Grace. It's too late for your opponent to block, and they must counterspell if they want to avoid having 9 damage dealt rather than the anticipated 3.

Of course, this spell can also let your servos survive a block.

Blessed Alliance - This was previously Grasp of Darkness, but needed a solution that can remove big threats that wasn't a Sideboard. It should allow you to survive against big baddy decks like Pummeler by casting this and choosing "Target opponent sacrifices an attacking creature" as they attack, hopefully allowing you more time to execute some wider swings or even Marionette combos (covered below). It also bypasses Hexproof, which normal removal can't deal with.

You can also use it to swing wide, let your opponent swing (since you're wide open), then untap two of your creatures to block. Lets you squeeze in extra damage.

Lastly, grants you more life if needed.



Concealed Courtyard - I highly recommend these, as they increase your chance of making your Turn 2 and 3 drops on time. After Turn 3, you start to slow down, hopefully with a strong enough board presence, allowing you to afford a turn or two behind on mana from Shambling Vent or ETB-tapped Courtyard.

Shambling Vent - Dual land that can help defend in a pinch. I run 4 of these instead of Courtyard, because it's more aggro, and even with drawing all 4 Courtyards by turn 3, one will still come in tapped.

Westvale Abbey - Coloress mana to support Displacer's ability, plus the added benefit of trading in all of your Servos for a game-ending demon. It's also very conveniently a game-ending combo piece (described below).

Inventor's Fair - Your 4th colorless, with the benefit of life ticking. I don't see any real benefit of the sac ability, but it's there if you're desperate.

The basic lands are in a ratio similar to your symbols, but also keeps in mind sideboard blacks.



Fumigate - This is your no-craps-given board wipe. The deck can ramp up fast enough, especially with a late-game mana base, that a Fumigate may be a good answer to board stalls. Additionally, Fumigate combos with Marionette Master (more on this below)

Stasis Snare - Your primary removal when Blessed Alliance doesn't cut it, or you need additional removal alongside Alliance.

Anguished Unmaking - Your backup removal when your opponent has answers to Stasis. Feel free to replace this your favorite removal such as Fatal Push or something else you think may be good in your SB.

Lost Legacy - Your third form of removal in the form of deck hate. If your opponent's deck relies on a single card to win, such as Cat Combo, then this is your answer by dismantling their deck.

Ob Nixilis Reignited - Your fourth removal, but with the additional options of card draw and punishing slower decks.

Resourceful Return - When you need both card draw and an answer to an opponent who keeps pushing your creatures to the graveyard.


Strategies and Combos:

An ideal opening hand should contain 3 mana. 3 mana will get you far enough into the game to keep board control while hoping to draw additional mana for your 4+ CMCs. 3 mana can put a Toolcraft Examplar (3/2), Mimic, Weaponcraft Enthusiast who Fabs 2 2/2 Servos thanks to Mimic, and a Chief of the Foundry/Master Trinketeer, who pushes those Servos to 3/3 in time for a swing that pressures the opponent to respond.

Try to drop Mimic before servos, and try to drop servos before dropping anthems. Mimic only places counters on new servos, not servos already on the BF. Servos still get rez sickness, so really no use having an anthem on them that turn. But, the next turn, if you anthem them then swing, they get the 1/1 anthem even if the creature providing it still has rez sick.

Marionette Master conveniently combos with a couple things in this deck. Both of these combos assume you used Fab to make a +3/+3 counter on Marionette, bringing her to 4/6, otherwise they aren't as effective.

Combo 1 - Westvale Abbey, if you flip it, the act of sacrificing 5 creatures, as long as they are artifacts (Mimic, Chief and Servo), your Opponent takes 4 life loss per sacrificed artifact. If you flip Westvale and sac 5 artifacts, that's enough to bring your Opponent from 20 to 0. You can get away with saccing less artifacts if Marionette benefits from Angel's Anthem, or if you can manage to also cast Borrowed Grace.

Combo 2 - Fumigate - Fumigate is cheaper to cast, but is just as effective. It can be a great way to finish a game if you can get your opponent low enough on life before they stall the board. You only need 1 servo/artifact per 4 life loss.


Budget Swaps:

Here's some alternatives to bring the price of the deck down.

Forsaken Sanctuary can replace Concealed Courtyard and/or Shambling Vent

Ruins of Oran-Rief, Wastes (183 - Full Art), or any preferred colorless can replace Westvale Abbey and Inventor's Fair.
If you're not using Eldrazi Displacer, then just replace Westvale Abbey with more swamps/plains or dual lands. You don't need colorless mana if you're not using Displacer.

Eldrazi Displacer can be replaced with Animation Module, Hidden Stockpile, or Thraben Inspector.

Metallic Mimic can be replaced with a 4th copy of Sram's Expertise, 2 more Master Trinketeer and 4th copy of Toolcraft Exemplar. Alternatively, you can replace Mimic with a set of Glint-sleeve Artisan, or additional spells such as 2 more Blessed Alliance or 2 more Borrowed Grace.


Match-Ups coming soon

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