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Cragganwick Breach by Anonymous

8 Mythic, 46 Rare, 9 Uncommon, 7 Common
Format: Standard
Dec 16, 2018
Creatures (27)
2 Birds of Paradise g Unavailable
4 Noble Hierarch g Unavailable
2 Fauna Shaman 1g Unavailable
4 Strangleroot Geist gg Unavailable
1 Magus of the Moon 2r Unavailable
4 Steel Leaf Champion ggg 4 Rare
4 Cragganwick Cremator 2rr Unavailable
1 Surrak, the Hunt Caller 2gg Unavailable
1 Worldspine Wurm 8ggg Unavailable
4 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn 15 Unavailable
Spells (10)
2 Commune with Nature g Unavailable
4 Lightning Bolt r Unavailable
3 Eldritch Evolution 1gg Unavailable
1 Through the Breach 4r Unavailable
Lands (23)
1 Cavern of Souls Unavailable
3 Copperline Gorge Unavailable
3 Fire-Lit Thicket Unavailable
4 Forest
2 Misty Rainforest Unavailable
1 Mountain
2 Stomping Ground 2 Rare
1 Temple Garden 1 Rare
2 Verdant Catacombs Unavailable
4 Wooded Foothills Unavailable
Sideboard (15)
1 Cavern of Souls Unavailable
1 Overgrown Tomb 1 Rare
1 Relic of Progenitus 1 Unavailable
1 Ancient Grudge 1r Unavailable
1 Damping Sphere 2 1 Uncommon
1 Gaddock Teeg gw Unavailable
1 Anafenza, the Foremost wbg Unavailable
1 Anger of the Gods 1rr Unavailable
1 Eidolon of Rhetoric 2w Unavailable
2 Kitchen Finks 1gwgw Unavailable
1 Knight of Autumn 1gw 1 Rare
1 Linvala, Keeper of Silence 2ww Unavailable
1 Nullhide Ferox 2gg 1 Mythic
1 Caldera Hellion 3rr Unavailable
75 Cards Total

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Calculating deck price based on your collection

Calculating deck price based on your collection

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