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Weekly Update (Sep 13): Sliver Mayhem Commander Clash

Zendikar Rising Previews

The entire preview for Zendikar Rising is out, along with the two Commander precons. Be sure to check out all the latest previews at, and get ready for a brand new Standard next week!

New Zendikar Rising Commander Precon Decklist Reveal & Initial Thoughts | Land's Wrath | Sneak Attack

Tomer shows the new Zendikar Rising Commander precons and gives initial thoughts on the lists and new cards!Read more

Budget Magic: Tutelage Tribal Mill (Modern)

Can Teferi's Tutelage join Sphinx's Tutelage to power a card-draw-based turbo-mill deck in Modern on a budget? Let's see!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Knowledge Exploitation Outlaws' Merriment Cruel Tutor

This week, most of the biggest finance news is related to the impending release of Zendikar Rising, with many of the biggest gainers of the week being older cards that work well with the themes of the set, especially in Commander. Knowledge Exploitation leads the way, doubling up to $8 based on its power on Rogue commander decks, while Oboro, Palace in the Clouds is now nearly $60 (after being $20 near the end of August) thanks to its ability to trigger landfall every turn. Speaking of landfall, Admonition Angel jumped 66% to just under $14 as a potential staple in Omnath, Locus of Creation Commander brews. Expect to see more increases and buyouts in the coming weeks as players start building around the new Zendikar Rising legends, and even more once we hit Commander Legends spoiler season in another month or so.

As far as Standard, Outlaws' Merriment nearly doubled in price this week to over $4. While the card is slow, it can make almost a full party by itself with its tokens being Human Warriors, Clerics, and Rogues, potentially making it an appealing option for party decks. Even if it doesn't end up being good enough for Standard, it might maintain its new price thanks to demand from party-based Commander decks. 

Finally, Wizards revealed "The List" - cards that are not part of Zendikar Rising but will show up 25% of the time in Zendikar Rising Set Boosters. While it contains some very expensive reprints like Cruel Tutor, Food Chain, Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, and Training Grounds, it's important to keep in mind that the odds of opening high-end reprints is fairly low. 1 in 4 set boosters will get their marketing card slot upgraded to a card from "The List," and since cards keep their rarity (so commons will show up more often than rares) you'll get roughly one rare "The List" card every two set booster boxes and one mythic "The List" card about once in every case. This means that even though there are some super valuable reprints to open,  the variance will be absurdly high. The good news is that "The List" card replaces a worthless advertising card, so any value you get from the slot is a bonus. The bottom line is that you shouldn't buy set boosters expecting to hit high-value cards from "The List." Instead, buy them because they are close to strictly better than draft boosters if you are just cracking packs for fun and treat the possibility of getting a Cruel Tutor or Food Chain as a lottery-ticket type bonus.

Much Abrew: Liliana Tribal (Historic)

Lithoform Engine | Exclusive Zendikar Rising Preview!

Thanks to Amonkhet Remastered, we now have three Lilianas in Historic. How good is Liliana Tron? Let's find out! Read more

Seth and Tomer show off their exclusive Zendikar Rising preview card! New Commander staple? Read more

Stomping With $50 Siona, Captain of the Pyleas | Commander Abridged Gameplay

Tomer shows off his most powerful $50 budget brew: Siona Enchantress Combo!Read more

Single Scoop: Mono White Prison (Historic, Magic Arena)

This Week in Legacy: The Rise of Zendikar - Part 1

People won't be ready for a Mono White Prison deck in Historic so TheAsianAvenger tries to make this meme more than a dream! Read more

Joe Dyer starts diving into Zendikar Rising and what it means for Legacy! Read more

5 Green EDH Hidden Gems Under $5 | Commander Quickie

Tomer digs deep to bring you the freshest hidden gems in Green under $5!Read more

Against the Odds: Spawnsire of Ulamog Eldrazi-ocalypse (Modern)

Vintage 101: Rising Power - Part 1

How many Eldrazi can we play from outside the game with the help of 20 mana and Spawnsire of Ulamog? Let's find out! Read more

Joe Dyer dives into Zendikar Rising for Vintage! Read more

Historic 101: Does Fair Magic Still Work?

The Fish Tank: Sweet and Spicy User Decks (September 6-12, 2020)

Playing one land a turn? One for ones? Jund!?!?? TheAsianAvenger tries a play style of old to make Richard proud in Historic. Read more

What interesting decks did users submit this week? Let's find out! Read more

Commander Clash S9 E9: Sliver Mayhem III

No weenies. No tutors. No mercy. Welcome to Sliver Mayhem!Read more

Single Scoop: Dimir Rogues 2021 (Post-Rotation Standard, Magic Arena)

Podcast 293: How Good Are Zendikar Rising's Double-Faced Model Flipcards?

Want an early preview of how Rogues will play in standard post rotation? Check it out here! Read more

The crew talks about a ton of sweet new Zendikar Rising cards and answers #MTGFishmail. Read more

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