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Weekly Update (Nov 17): Hedron Alignment in Pioneer

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Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Vivien, Arkbow Ranger Rekindling Phoenix Field of the Dead


This week, Standard has been mostly quiet finance-wise as players wait to see what will get banned tomorrow. The biggest winner was Vivien, Arkbow Ranger, but in reality, Vivien increasing 82% to over $18 is more a reflection of its power and playability in Pioneer, where Vivien, Arkbow Ranger is a key part of various green-based devotion strategies as well as some Hardened Scales builds. Thanks to tomorrow's Banned and Restricted announcement, it's unlikely this lull will last. Assuming multiple cards from the dominant Simic shell get banned, it will almost be like we're starting Throne of Eldraine Standard over for a third time, which will give a bunch of new cards a chance to increase in value as they find a home in the post-banning format.


Speaking of Pioneer, it's still the hottest format in Magic, at least from the financial perspective. This week saw Rekindling Phoenix more than double in price to just under $10, with Kozilek's Return, Pithing Needle, and Archangel Avacyn all increasing about 60%. These changes show just how quickly things are moving in Pioneer at the moment. It was only a week ago that an Izzet Emerge deck featuring both Rekindling Phoenix and Kozilek's Return performed well in a Magic Online Challenge, and now most of the key cards have greatly increased in price. Perhaps the biggest take away is you should probably dig through your leftover cards from past Standard formats and pull out anything that is Pioneer playable because it doesn't take much for cards to go from near bulk to relatively expensive in our current environment. 


Finally, while Pioneer is all the rage, Modern is proving it is still relevant. Field of the Dead (which only a few weeks ago was banned in Standard) has nearly tripled in price since the banning. The reason why? Field of the Dead has developed into a staple of Primeval Titan decks in Modern, with both Titan Shift and Amulet Titan leaning on the land to fix some of their more difficult matchups. The land is also seeing more play in Pioneer, although its success might be short-lived as some players have already started to talk about how the land needs to be banned in the format. Pioneer lacks cards like Blood Moon to slow down degenerate land strategies. The safest move is probably to cash out now while copies are over $10. It's possible they continue to increase, but with the current fast pace of bannings, it's just as likely that Field of the Dead ends up banned in Pioneer and/or Modern and falls back to earth.

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