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Weekly Update (Nov 01): Commander Legends Previews

Budget Magic: Five-Color Plants (Standard)

Five colors on a budget? Anything is possible in Zendikar Rising Standard 3.0!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Maralen of the Mornsong Kobold Drill Sergeant Krark's Thumb

It's Commander Legends week as far as finance is concerned with the spoilers from the set causing a huge amount of price movement among older cards. The biggest winner of the week was Maralen of the Mornsong, which people are excited to combo with the new Commander Legends rare Opposition Agent. The black Elf Wizards legend jumped from $6 to $40 after being bought out. While it is likely that a bunch of people will try to build Maralen decks, my guess is this is more short term hype than a long term trend. If you want to build the deck, the best plan is likely to wait. It seems unlikely that the current high level of demand for Maralen of the Mornsong will last, which means the price should start to drop before too long.

Also on the rise this week are Kobolds, with the tribe being supported in Commander Legends with the perfect Kobold legend Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh. Two of the best old Kobolds - Kobold Drill Sergeant and Kobold Overlord - were bought out this week, although it's hard to figure out exactly how much they cost at the moment because supply is so low. The only near mint copies of either on TCGplayer are listed for $50. While both of these pseudo-lords are uncommons, they are also from Legends, a notoriously low-supply set, which could mean the new post-buyout prices might stick. The big question is whether players will actually spend $50 on a single Kobold to put in their Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh deck. The answer might be yes, just because there are only a handful of Kobolds in existence. If you want to build Rograkh Kobold Tribal, you almost don't have a choice but to put Kobold Drill Sergeant and Kobold Overlord in your deck. If you're willing to go with played or even damaged copies, you can still find some copies in the $10 range. Thankfully as uncommons, neither Kobold Drill Sergeant or Kobold Overlord are on the Reserved List, and with the huge response from players to Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh, there's a reasonable chance some of the other Kobolds get a reprinting somewhere in the not too distant future.

Finally, thanks to Krark, the Thumbless a bunch of coin flipping cards were bought out this week, headlined by Krark's Thumb which more than tripled from $6 to $18. Not to be outdone,Frenetic Efreet, Chance Encounter, and Stitch in Time all nearly double in price as well. At this point it's too late to pick up any coinflip cards on the cheap, but there is a lesson here: sweet new legends revealed during the second week of Commander Legends spoilers are likely to lead to buyouts as well. If there's a commander that you know you want to build around, try to pick up the support pieces before it's too late or you'll end up paying two, three or four times as much for the cards you need.

The Fourth Sister Revealed! | Liesa, Shroud of Dusk | Commander Legends Preview

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Single Scoop: Jund's Herald (Standard)

Vintage 101: Vintage Eternal Weekend 2020

Self mill in a rogue meta? Heck yeah! TheAsianAvenger tries to dunk on opponents with a Collosified pile of cards! Read more

Joe Dyer dives into the results from Vintage Eternal Weekend 2020 on Magic Online! Read more

Did They Reprint Black Lotus?!? | Jeweled Lotus | Commander Legends Preview

Did WOTC break it?Read more

Single Scoop: Gideon Tribal (Historic, Magic Arena)

Much Abrew: UB Zombies (Modern)

We honor Gideon Jura this week with a Gideon loaded deck! Yes, even that planeswalker deck version! Read more

Can a half-beatdown, half-Aristocrats build of Zombies splashing into blue for Diregraf Captain compete in Modern? Let's jump into a league and find out! Read more

Commander Clash S9 E16: Halloween Special! | Sorin's Lot vs. Salem Witch Trials vs. Spooky Skeletons vs. Us (The Movie)

Viewer beware, you're in for a scare!Read more

The Fish Tank: Sweet and Spicy User Decks (October 25-31, 2020)

Podcast 300: Commander Legends Spoilers

What awesome decks did viewers submit this week? Let's find out! Read more

The crew discusses Arena's mobile release being delayed until 2021, breaks down a ton of new Commander Legends cards and answers #MTGFish... Read more

Pioneer Peak: Were-Woofs

It wouldn't be Halloween without a few Werewolves so TheAsianAvenger takes the wolves into Pioneer!Read more

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