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Weekly Update (May 26): Modern Horizons Slivers and Swords

War of the Spark Previews

Urza%252c%2blord%2bhigh%2bartificer%2b%255bmh1%255d The%2bfirst%2bsliver%2b%255bmh1%255d Morophon%252c%2bthe%2bboundless%2b%255bmh1%255d Sword%2bof%2btruth%2band%2bjustice%2b%255bmh1%255d Wrenn%2band%2bsix%2b%255bmh1%255d Ayula%252c%2bqueen%2bamong%2bbears%2b%255bmh1%255d

Modern Horizons previews are fully underway, with this week revealing some of the subthemes of the set, including Slivers and Goblins, and a new Sword (partial) cycle. Check out for the latest previews and check out the important highlights of the set from SaffronOlive:

Banned and Restricted Update, May 20, 2019: Gush, Probe, Daze Banned in Pauper


Gush, Probe, Daze Banned in Pauper.Read more

Budget Magic: $95 (22 tix) Leveler Jace Combo (Modern, Magic Online)

Leveler%2bjace 0c7907e7 615d 4150 8de5 63be5d8aa9ea%2ejpg

Can Jace, Wielder of Mysteries combine with Leveler to make a new, budget-friendly Splinter Twin-esque combo in Modern? Let's see!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Sliver Legion Sword of the Meek Fist of Suns

This week, most of the biggest finance news is focused on Modern Horizons spoiler season, with the new set causing a parade of buyouts and price spikes. The list is probably too long to go over in our update today, but The First Sliver has caused a ton of Slivers to be bought out, including Sliver Legion (which is now $115) and Sliver Queen (up to $209). Sword of the Meek is up 138% to $18 thanks to its ability to go infinite with Urza, Lord High Artificer and Thopter Foundry. Urza is also responsible for Unwinding Clock shooting up 150% to $11. Fist of Suns (up 98% to $15) goes infinite with Morophon, the Boundless, which also has potential with Reaper King (up 69% to $33), while Auntie's Hovel (up 112% to over $12) plays well with the Rakdos Goblins theme of Modern Horizons. And this list is far from all-inclusive; even random old janky rares like Bearscape (up about 1000% to $10 from bulk) are shooting up in price. The TLDR is that Modern Horizons has been one of the most impactful sets ever in terms of finance, and we should expect more of the same next week as spoiler season continues.

Meanwhile in Standard, some of the best War of the Spark planeswalkers are separating themselves from the pack. Karn, the Great Creator has proven to be a Modern staple with Mycosynth Lattice and sees some play in Standard as well, pushing the rare over $15, while Teferi, Time Raveler has an argument for "best card in Standard," and is currently up to $16. Meanwhile, Sarkhan the Masterless has come on in the past week as a key component of the Jeskai Superfriends list, increasing 40% to $3.73. For Karn, the Great Creator and Teferi, Time Raveler in specific, the future is bright since they see play outside of Standard. At this point, there's no reason not to hold onto your copies, and they could spike even further after rotation this fall, or just continue to steadily climb thanks to Modern play.

Finally, we had some impactful Pauper bannings on Monday, with Daze, Gitaxian Probe, and Gush getting the axe. Thankfully, most of these cards were fairly cheap, but Daze has taken a big hit on Magic Online, dropping from over 10 tix to closer to 5 tix. Unless you plan on playing Legacy, you might as well sell your copies for whatever you can get. It's unlikely Daze will ever get unbanned in Pauper, and just as unlikely it ever becomes legal in Standard or Modern.

Much Abrew: NeoBrand (Modern, Magic Online)

Disorganized Play and The Magic Pro League

Ma neobrand B2v2ruexss icon

Is using Neoform to find Griselbrand on Turn 1 the new best thing we can do in Modern? Let's find out! Read more

What's happening with the Magic Pro League and organized play in general, and how can competitive Magic move forward from the current mess? Let's discuss. Read more

Modern Mayhem: Orzhov Superfriends (Modern, Magic Online)

Orzhov superfriends

With all of the superfriends running around in standard, how would an Orzhov Version do in Modern? Let's find out!Read more

Rough Drafts: War of the Spark (Limited, Magic Arena)

Orzhov Knights (Standard, Magic Arena)

Rough drafts war Orzhov knights

What is War of the Spark draft like on Magic Arena? Let's jump into a queue and find out! Read more

Do Knights finally have the tools needed to fight the best-of-one ladder? Read more

Planebound Accomplice: Exclusive Modern Horizons Preview

Against the Odds: Turbo Tezzeret (Modern, Magic Online)

Planebound accomplice Turbo tezzeret

What would you do if you could get your planeswalkers on the battlefield for just a single mana? Read more

What are the odds of winning with Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge in Modern? Let's find out! Read more

Pauper Permutations: Life After the Ban

Daze 04 final

Come explore the changes to pauper after the bannings. Read more

Vintage 101: The Karn Effect

Budget Commander: King Macar, the Gold-Cursed | $25, $50, $100, Blinged

Karn stax King macar budget commander  1

Joe Dyer digs deep into the effect that War of the Spark has had on the Vintage metagame while continuing to prepare for SCG Con! Read more

Dude, where's Macar? Right here! Read more

Fish Five-0: Dave Gruul (Standard, Magic Arena)

Commander Clash S6 E15: More of the Spark! (Fblthp vs. Krenko vs. Massacre Girl vs. Roalesk)

Dave gruul  1 Commander clash 2019 week15

TheAsianAvenger tries to throw a monkey wrench into the meta with this Gruul deck for this week's episode! Read more

The crew builds decks around the last remaining commanders from War of the Spark! Read more

Dreadful (Command the Dreadhorde, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Podcast 225: Modern Horizons Spoilers and Pauper Bannings

Command the dreadhorde stream highlights Podcast white

How many planeswalkers can we reanimate with a single card? Read more

The crew breaks down a bunch of Modern Horizons spoilers, discusses a huge pauper shakeup and some Magic Arena changes. Read more

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