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Weekly Update (May 12): War of the Spark Top 10 Commander Cards

Budget Magic: $94 (13 tix) Simic Arkbow (Standard, Magic Arena)

Simic%2barkbow 93e079c1 6dec 40d2 96ef 329e3a9a0f57%2ejpg

Can Vivien's Arkbow make a flashy tempo-based Simic deck work in War of the Spark Standard? Let's find out!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

God-Eternal Oketra Mycosynth Lattice Karn, the Great Creator

This week in Standard, the biggest winner was God-Eternal Oketra, with the white God increasing 79% to nearly $15. Based on the Bant Midrange deck that put two players into the top eight of last week's SCG Open, it seems that God-Eternal Oketra might have been underrated during spoiler season. This said, War of the Spark has a lot of cards battling it out for a finite amount of expected value, which makes it unlikely that God-Eternal Oketra is going to go much higher unless Bant Midrange develops into the best deck in Standard. I'd look at trading away my copies now while the price is high.

Meanwhile in Modern, Mycosynth Lattice spiked again, up another 55% to $53.49. It was only a few weeks ago that you could easily pick up copies for under $10. The hard-lock combo of Mycosynth Lattice with Karn, the Great Creator is showing up across formats, from Modern to Legacy, and even Vintage, which is driving demand. While remaining over $50 seems unlikely, especially since most decks only play a single copy of Mycosynth Lattice and it was semi-recently reprinted in Battlebond, don't expect the artifact to go back anywhere near $10 until it's reprinted: The combo is actually posting results to back up the spoiler season hype. If you need a copy, waiting a little while for prices to normalize makes sense, but expect to pay $40+ unless you're willing to wait for a reprinting.

Finally, checking in with War of the Spark as a whole, the set is down about 5% on the week, although the expected value is still high enough that prices should continue to drop over the next month or so. If you're waiting to pick up some cards you need for Standard (or other formats), sometime between the release of Modern Horizons next month and Core Set 2020 in July should be a good opportunity. Just make sure you get the cards you need over the summer since War of the Spark prices will likely increase after rotation this fall as some of the currently underplayed cards from the set develop into staples of new Standard.

The Expected Value of War of the Spark


How much value should you expect to open from a booster box of War of the Spark?Read more

Much Abrew: Golgari Citadel (Standard, Magic Arena)

Modern Mayhem: Esper Control (Modern, Magic Online)

Ma golgari citadel War esper control

How easy it is to go infinite with Bolas's Citadel in a Golgari shell in Standard? Let's find out! Read more

Crim adds some #MTGWAR touches to Esper Control in Modern! Read more

War of the Spark: Top 10 Commander Cards

War top10 cmd

What War of the Spark cards will sizzle in Commander? Tomer and Seth break them down!Read more

Commander Review: War of the Spark Part 3 (Green, Colorless, Multi-Color, Lands)

Against the Odds: Mono-White Karn-helion II (Standard, Magic Arena)

Servo token Karn helion

Tomer wraps up his Commander Review of WAR with Part 3! Read more

Can the combo of Karn, the Great Creator and Parhelion II make for the foundation of an (almost) one-shot kill deck in War of the Spark Standard? Let's find out! Read more

Budget Arena: Boros Battallion (Standard, Magic Arena)

Vintage 101: The Long and Winding Road

Boros battalion Vintage 101 long road

This week we're going to upgrade the Boros Battallian deck Twitch Prime Members get for free! Read more

Joe Dyer begins the long and winding road towards SCG Con! Read more

Fish Five-0: Grixis Midrange (Standard, Magic Arena)

5 0 fish. grixis

Bolas lovers new and old, there's a Grixis deck that can hold it's weight in Arena!Read more

Commander Clash S6 E13: Gods of War! (Bontu vs. Ilharg vs. Kefnet vs. Oketra)

Podcast 223: WAR Standard Week One and Mythic Edition

Commander clash 2019 week13 Podcast white

It's a divine bloodbath this week with the new gods from War of the Spark! Read more

The crew discusses the first week of War of the Spark Standard and the Mythic Edition issues. Read more

Instant Deck Techs

One shot%2bzetalpa dc151535 6c0c 4ea4 87a8 7a8279e701f0%2ejpg

Each day we'll be posting a short, three minute deck tech featuring some of the coolest decks that come across the site. The most popular deck will be made into videos the following week based on your views, likes and comments in the videos. Here's this week's Instant Deck Techs:

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