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Weekly Update (Mar 8): DTK Narset and Sarkhan, Double-Faced Planeswalkers, Battle for Zendikar, GW Devotion

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Dragons of Tarkir Spoilers

What a week it's been for DTK spoilers! Two new planeswalkers and a TON of dragons. There's not enough room to post all the spoilers here, so be sure to head over to our Dragons of Tarkir page for all the current and past spoilers. Remember, the new DTK cards are added to the site as they're spoiled and the prices are tracked immediately with easy links to ebay and channel fireball for pre-order! If you want to read about the spoilers from a mtgfinance and constructed perspective, be sure to checkout SaffronOlive's articles:

Double-faced Cards in Magic Origins

We got a sneak peek at Magic Origins with a brand new double-faced Liliana! It was confirmed at PAX East that we are indeed receiving checklist cards again. You can find the latest on Magic Origins on our Magic Origins page.

Modern Masters 2015 Spoilers

It was announced at PAX East that Tarmogoyf and Karn Liberated would be seeing reprints in Modern Masters 2015. Tarmogoyf's price started dropping online from 85 tix to about 68 tix as of this writing. The paper version is reacting slower dropping a modest $10 from $210 to $200. Karb Liberated went from a high of 51 tix last week to 38 tix, while the paper price hasn't really budged. You can find the latest Modern Masters 2015 news on our Modern Masters 2015 page.

Battle for Zendikar

The newest Magic expansion was announced at PAX East: Battle for Zendikar! Let the speculation begin! Enemy fetchlands? Full art lands? Manlands? October 2, 2015 is the magical date. Of course we'll keep you up to date with all the lateset BFZ news here at MTGGoldfish.

Limited Review of Dragons of Tarkir

Jake Stiles has been busy reviewing all the spoilers as they come out from a limited perspective! Get the early jump on your pre-release and check out some articles below!

Breakout Deck: GW Devotion

Mastery of the Unseen had quite the coming out party this weekend with a mirror-match finals at GP Miami. Do you like durdling around and gaining hundreds of life? I have just the deck for you. It was not uncommon to see 40/40 Polukranos, World Eater or players with triple digit life totals. Here's GP Miami winner Daniel Cecchetti's list:

Tournament Coverage

We had a limited Grand Prix at Liverpool and a Standard Grand Prix in Miami.

Articles Recap

Several great articles were published on MTGGoldfish this week:

#Trending Cards

The five most viewed cards on MTGGoldfish this past week were:
  1. Narset Transcendent
  2. Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
  3. Tarmogoyf
  4. Tasigur, the Golden Fang
  5. Monastery Mentor

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