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Weekly Update (Mar 15): Dragons of Tarkir, $40 Mono B Humans

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Full Dragons of Tarkir Spoilers

The complete spoilers were posted this week! Have a gander over on our Dragons of Tarkir spoilers page. We are only two weeks ago from the official week, and remember that this coming Friday is the pre-release! Get ready for the pre-release by reviewing our latest Limited Reviews by Jake Stiles. We'll also be putting out more pre-release specific content this week!

$40 Mono Black Humans

We have another great budget deck for you guys! This time it's Mono Black Humans in Standard! Check it out and crush your next FNM! Budget Magic: $40 Standard Mono B Humans

Strange, Large and Rare Promos and Oddities

SaffronOlive takes a look at some of the stranger promos and collectors items in Strange, Large, and Rare: Promos and Oddities Part 1

Official Dragons of Tarkir Supplies

The official Ultra Pro DTK supplies were revealed this week. Check them out! Dragons of Tarkir Official Supplies

Fate Reforged Clash Pack $5 Upgrades

Since our last playtest video featuring Elspeth vs Kiora, many of you have been requesting we do one for the clash pack. In this video we test the clash pack, then build FNM-worth decks with only $5 in upgrades. Both SaffronOlive and I took the challenge so you have double the options! Fate Reforged Clash Pack: $5 Upgrades

Fate Reforged Clash Pack Giveaway

To ease the itch before Dragons of Tarkir, we're doing a Fate Reforged Clash Pack Giveaway. This contest will only run for a week, so enter today!

The Official MTGGoldfish Tee

Earlier this week we launched our first Official MTGGoldfish Tee! Please support MTGGoldfish by reserving your tee and look handsome while slinging spells! We're 16/20 to reaching our goal; I know you can make it happen! MTGGoldfish Official Tee.

Tournament Coverage

We had two limited Grand Prixes this weekend and SCG Dallas (Standard).

Articles Recap

Several great articles were published on MTGGoldfish this week:

#Trending Cards

The five most viewed cards on MTGGoldfish this past week were:
  1. Mastery of the Unseen
  2. Whisperwood Elemental
  3. Tarmogoyf
  4. Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
  5. Monastery Mentor

Miniature Market Sale Clearance

Minature Market is having a clearance sale on their MTG supplies (over 50% off some items)! You can get get deck boxes from $1, official playmats from $10 (from KTK, THS, etc), and official sleeves from $3! Check out the Miniature Market clearance today!

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