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Weekly Update (Mar 07): Introducing the Commander Clash Podcast

The full set for Time Spiral Remastered has been previewed! Be sure to check out to see all the reprints and old border reprints!

Dealing With Archenemy | Commander Clash Podcast | Episode 1

How do you handle being archenemy or avoiding becoming one? The crew gives their thoughts!Read more

Budget Magic: $98 Orzhov Clerics (Modern)

Clerics got some really sweet tribe members in Kaldheim but haven't really found their footing in Standard. Is Modern the best home for the tribe? Let's find out!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Sliver Legion Ponder Imp's Mischief

This week, the biggest finance news is Time Spiral Remastered, which is already doing some serious work in reducing the cost of some popular cards. Take Sliver Legion, for example. Last week it was almost $150 to pick up a copy, today you can preorder the Time Spiral Remastered version for $50, and it's likely the price will fall even further in the future. The same is true of Gemstone Caverns (down from $65 to $25), Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Vesuva (down from around $35 to $20), Cloud Key (from $35 to $8), Flagstones of Trokair (from $20 to $8) and more. Even if you're not feeling the older border theme or interesting in spending $200 on a box, there are some great deals be had on singles. If you think you might need some of these cards in the future, try to pick them up while they are cheap, as we have seen time and time again, Commander staples tend to rebound quickly after they are reprinted, so the sale might not last for all that long.

Speaking of Time Spiral Remastered, one of the most interesting aspects of the set is the extreme scarcity of foil old border cards. Take foil old border Ponder for example. You'll open one roughly once in every 91 boxes, which represents over $10,000 of product at wholesale (i.e. the prices that stores pay). Even if Wizards sells an absurd amount of Time Spiral Remastered there's a very realistic chance that there will only be something like 1,000 playsets (or 4,000 copies) of foil old border Ponder in existence, and this might even be too high. Expect the best foil old border cards to be extremely valuable - probably valuable enough to pay for your entire box all by itself - and if you are looking to pick up singles to bling out your Commander, Modern or Legacy deck, don't be surprised to pay Masterpiece prices (or more) for the best of the bunch. 

Finally, last week we discusses Imp's Mischief being one of the biggest winners, despite the fact we were heading into Time Spiral Remastered spoiler season, a set where the card would be a likely reprint as one of the most valuable cards from Planar Chaos. Well, now that we've seen the entire Time Spiral Remastered spoiler we know that Imp's Mischief was the one card from original Time Spiral block worth over $25 that wasn't reprinted (the Future Sight version of Horizon Canopy is $30, but the Zendikar Rising Expedition is only $20 while Imp's Mischief doesn't have any other printings). As such, it's likely the price of Imp's Mischief will keep creeping up since supply is so low, turned what looked like a very illogical buyout into a potentially profitable one for those who scooped up all of copies a couple of weeks ago. 

This Week in Legacy: Bringing the Thunder

Joe Dyer takes a look at a very unique way of approaching Red Stompy decks, with GIANTS!Read more

Mono White Belcher | Commander Clash Moment #8

Single Scoop: Orzhov Prison (Historic, Magic Arena)

Nothing feels better than winning with some good ol' fashioned Mono White Jank. Read more

The Best of One ladder has gotten more aggressive or filled with Trickery so we Mono White Prison had to adapt so TheAsianAvenger shows you the changes he's made to his Prison list. Read more

Against the Odds: Sultai Narfi Snow (Modern)

What are the odds of winning with Narfi, Betrayer King in a snow-themed Modern deck? Let's find out!Read more

Vintage 101: Interesting Times Ahead

Historic 101: Abzan Counters-Spells

Joe Dyer dives into what lays ahead in regards to Universes Beyond for Vintage. Read more

TheAsianAvenger is packing a different type of Counters-spell heavy deck this week for Historic. These counters are actually good for combat! Woweee Read more

Exclusive Time Spiral Remastered Preview! Exclusive Time Spiral Remastered Preview!

Thanks to Wizards, we've got two awesome Time Spiral Remastered previews to show off for you today, including the return of one of my all-time favorite cards, which looks even better in brown.Read more

Much Abrew: Mono-Blue Devotion (Pioneer)

The Fish Tank: Sweet and Spicy Viewer Decks (February 28-March 6, 2021)

Does the combination of recent bannings and the printing of Mystic Reflection mean it's time for Mono-Blue Devotion to shine in Pioneer? Let's find out! Read more

What sweet decks did viewers submit this week? Let's see! Read more

Commander Clash S10 E5: Niv-Mizzetbowl! | Firemind vs. Dracogenius vs. Parun vs. Reborn

Four Nivs enter. Only one Niv will remain. Who will emerge victorious?Read more

Modern Mayhem: Esper Charm Is Back On the Menu?

Podcast 318: I Hate Lord of the Rings and Spiderman is Overrated

Modern has been in a really good spot so naturally TheAsianAvenger dusts off his Esper Charms and takes them to through a league. Read more

The crew discusses crossovers expanding in Magic with the Universes Beyond series, breaks down Time Spiral Remastered spoilers and answer... Read more

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