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Weekly Update (Jul 24): SDCC Zombie Planeswalkers, B&R Update

San Diego Comic Con 2016 Zombie Planeswalkers

Sdcc merged

Special Zombie-edition planeswalkers from San Diego Comic Con.Read more

July 18, 2016 Banned and Restricted—No Changes


No changes in the latest B&R update.Read more

Budget Magic: $54 (22 tix) Modern Suicide Black


Is Abyssal Persecutor the secret to Mono-Black success in Modern? Can we turn Asylum Visitor into Dark Confidant? Let's see!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Spell Queller River of Tears Counterbalance

The big finance news this week is the long-awaited release of Eldritch Moon! In fact, a full 65% of the 20 most viewed cards on the site this week come from the set, and many of the others (like Rattlechains and Matter Reshaper) are somehow impacted by the new cards.

As far as Eldritch Moon itself, the general trajectory of the set is (predictably) down, with nearly all of the chase rares and mythics dropping between 10% and 20% on the week. However, there were a couple of cards that managed to buck the trend. Spell Queller and Mausoleum Wanderer jumped slightly and for good reason — both are making their presence felt on the tournament scene. Spell Queller has immediately become a staple in not only UW Spirits, but in Bant Company lists as well, and it may very well be a format defining card moving forward. If there's any rare in the set that can maintain a $10 price tag, this is probably the one. Mausoleum Wanderer, on the other hand, doesn't have quite as much demand across archetypes, so its ability to stick in the $4-$5 range will depend mostly on the success of various UW Fliers/Spirits decks; just how good these decks are remains to be seen.

Meanwhile in Modern, it's all about the lands with River of Tears (up 33% to $12.48) and Brushland (up 85% to $18.93) seeing major increases. River of Tears is mostly attributable to a combination of low supply and the return of UB Faeries, although it's a bit odd considering some of the top performing Faeries decks pass over the card altogether. As for Brushland, it's a key piece to Bant Eldrazi, which is quietly working its way towards tier one status; it's currently the 9th most played deck in Modern. If you need these cards, just make sure to think it through before taking the plunge. There are a couple of substitutes for River of Tears (Darkslick Shores and Secluded Glen) which could save you a few dollars, and the less-desirable white bordered editions of Brushland are going for 1/4 of the price of the 10th Edition black bordered version.

One last note on the way out the door. We got a "no changes" this week on the Banned and Restricted announcement, and while the financial impact was minimal, it does seem like the announcement gave people the green light to buy Counterbalance, which jumped 22% in the days after the announcement. Copies are still depressed on Magic Online thanks to Coldsnap flashbacks, so if you're thinking of putting together Legacy Miracles on Magic Online, now might be the time.

Brewing Eldritch Moon

Tumblr o9lkf5mhh71u9beo8o1 1280

From competitive to janky, from Spirits to Splendid Reclamation, from Emrakul to Elves, it's time for some Eldrtich Moon brews!Read more

Much Abrew About Nothing: Abzan Toughness (Modern)

Sphinx's Revelation #11: All Metal Everything

Doran the siege tower mtg art Sphinxsrevelation

Is our Abzan deck tough enough to compete in Modern, or will our plethora of zero-power creatures doom us to defeat? Let's see! Read more

Mirrodin forms the theme of this weeks Sphinx's Revelation Puzzle. Can you beat Katelynn before the end of your turn? Read more

This Week in Legacy: SCG Worcester Recap and Prison-Control Decks

Budget Commander: Coin Flips! ($70)

Dd20153012 icon Thumb

Sean goes through the recent event in Worcester and introduces the fun of prison-control decks in Legacy! Read more

This deck has a 50/50 chance of being awesome! Read more

Commander Review: Eldritch Moon Part 1 (White, Blue, Black)

Commander Review: Eldritch Moon Part 2 (Red, Green, Multicolored, Colorless, Lands, and Meld)

Oath of liliana eldritch moon mtg art Eldritch evolution eldritch moon mtg art

New additions for Superfriends, Spellslinger, and lots of Tribal support! Read more

New green staples, more love for Superfriends, and awesome meld cards! Read more

Eldritch Moon Video Set Review: Top 10 Commander Cards

Against the Odds: Maze's Endchantress (Modern)

Voldaren pariah eldritch moon mtg art Mazes end art

Seth and Tomer break down the Top 10 Commander cards from Eldritch Moon! Read more

The gatest Against the Odds episode of all time! Read more

Lessons from the Eldritch Moon Prerelease

Vintage 101: Don't Trust Your Secrets to the Sea

Wretched gryff eldritch moon mtg art Gush

Lessons learned from the Eldritch Moon prerelease. Read more

Islandswamp talks about Gush, the Vintage restricted list, and prominent forces in the metagame Read more

Commander Clash 28: Flipwalkers

Cc 28 article

The crew dukes it out with the flipwalkers from Magic Origins!Read more

Prison Break! (Thopter Prison, Modern) - Stream Highlights

Podcast 078: Eldritch Moon Prerelease, B&R Update

Thopter prison   featured Podcast white

Blood Moon and Ensnaring Bridge are making a comeback in Modern, this time with the help of Thopter Spy Network! Read more

The crew discusses the Elritch Moon prerelease and the latest Banned and Restricted update. Read more

Instant Deck Techs


Each day we'll be posting a short, three minute deck tech featuring some of the coolest decks that come across the site. The most popular deck will be made into videos the following week based on your views, likes and comments in the videos. Here's this week's Instant Deck Techs:

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